Posted on Wednesday December 1, 2021

Updated on Wednesday December 1, 2021

Living Proof: a climate story

This presentation from Europeana 2021 explores how we can use our moving image heritage to explore climate change and crisis.


150 years of moving image heritage can only offer a glimpse of human history yet the proliferation of video today makes the moving image a crucial and contested site for documenting our impact on the planet. In the year that Scotland hosts the UN’s climate change conference (COP26), ‘Living Proof’ explores the country’s complex relationship to the global climate crisis through archive film and music. This new feature-length documentary from the National Library of Scotland Moving Image Archive curates footage to show how Scotland has been shaped by the demand for energy, industry and consumerism.

Watch this presentation to hear from Glasgow-based curator and director Emily Munro about how the film frames national history through the lens of the current debate around climate change. The presentation includes reflections on the first public screenings of the film in Scotland, in the lead up to COP 26.



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