Posted on Wednesday December 1, 2021

Updated on Wednesday December 1, 2021

Fostering Diversity and Inclusion in Europeana: lessons and opportunities after a year of D&I work

In this session from Europeana 2021, we hear from members of the internal Diversity and Inclusion cross-team at the Europeana Foundation.


In 2020, the Europeana Foundation formed an internal Diversity and Inclusion cross-team with the goal of exploring and designing changes to our structures to make everyone feel welcome, represented and safe at the Europeana Foundation as well as to identify areas of concern and to understand the unconscious biases within the Europeana Foundation. 

In this video, members of the team share the lessons learned after a year of focusing on that goal in order to spark awareness, insight and discussion across the wider cultural heritage space. Hear how Europeana is hiring guest editors with unique lived experiences to write more diverse pieces of editorial content that gives a platform and a voice to underrepresented communities; working to make events and other digital spaces more accessible for everyone; exploring ways to make the language used in metadata less problematic; and aiming to support cultural heritage institutions in their decolonisation efforts. 

The presentation also touches upon internal training that forms the beginning of creating a welcoming and safe environment at the Foundation which will eventually also run through all areas of work.



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