Posted on Wednesday December 1, 2021

Updated on Wednesday December 1, 2021

Enhancing visitors’ experience through musical archives

This session from Europeana 2021 explores how virtual reality can support engagement with archival music collections.


ARIA is an innovative research project which aims to transform cultural heritage and enhance visitor experiences through groundbreaking technologies. It uses digital artefacts from the Nikos Skalkottas Archive at the Music Library of Greece to provide a participatory learning experience aimed at the general public and museum visitors.

Τhe project will develop a two-stage augmented visit experience which aims to transform an intangible art (music) into tangible interactions. The experience will immerse visitors in a virtual reality environment enriched with features that aim to touch upon musical synaesthesia and catalyse emotions. The project will then record the reactions of visitors who are not familiar with Skalkottas’ music.

Watch this session to find out more about the project and get inspired by a new and innovative approach to archival material.



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