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EFHA Symposium 2020 – Is Sharing Always Caring?

Cultural heritage institutions such as galleries, libraries, archives and museums have the mission to preserve and disseminate their collections. As part of this mission, many are taking advantage of new technologies, digitizing and putting their collections online to engage with existing and new audiences. 

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EFHA Symposium 2020 – Is Sharing Always Caring?

Title: Image obtained from EFHA

2 — 3 November 2020

The crisis caused by Covid-19 pandemic demonstrated how appropriately sharing records is pivotal to build a global community that is connected and active, even when not physically able to move and meet.

The symposium Is Sharing Always Caring?, organised by EFHA – the European Fashion Heritage Association in collaboration with Creative Commons and with the support of the Onassis Foundation, will explore issues regarding digitised fashion cultural heritage, analysing approaches  to making collections available and reusable online while being mindful and respectful of cultural rights, interests and values. The aim is to present some thought-provoking cases and provide museums and other cultural institutions, as well as researchers and practitioners, with some useful tools to make responsible and ethical decisions and develop policies and practices to be able to share and care.

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