Posted on Wednesday December 1, 2021

Updated on Wednesday December 1, 2021

Cultural heritage hackathons in the realm of all-digital solutions

This session from Europeana 2021 explores the impact and future of hackathons.


Hackathons - short events where professionals and amateurs come together to solve challenges and produce theme-based mini-projects - can be a great way to engage citizens in digital cultural heritage and support cultural heritage institutions' engagement strategies and objectives. 

Hackathons in the cultural heritage sector are flourishing, and from Europeana Space hackathons, Hack4OpenGLAM, Coding da Vinci to open data hackathons in the Digital Humanities – the form, scope, and activities of hackathons vary. 

This panel discussion brings together organisers of cultural heritage hackathons to exchange ideas and discuss the current state and future of these events. They debate the impact and sustainability of cultural hackathons (especially in light of the pandemic) but the focus will also be on perspectives: what are the trends in co-creation? How will communities and cultural institutions collaborate in the future? 

This discussion connects organisers of well established cultural heritage hackathons with organisers of other innovative forms of engagement, and to individuals and communities seeking to establish citizen-driven initiatives in the cultural and creative sector.



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