Posted on Monday May 30, 2016

Collections Trust Conference 2016

108 Stamford St
London SE1 9NH
Google Map of 108 Stamford St London South Bank  SE1 9NH
Collections Trust Conference 2016
29 September 2016
09:00 — 18:00 Coin Street Conference Centre

Collections Trust Conference 2016: Who needs digitised collections?

Who wants our collections digitised, and why? Where should we focus our efforts? And what kind of content should we be creating in the first place? Around the world, museums of all sizes are digitising their collections and making the results available online in increasingly joined-up ways.

As the government here declares its ambition to ‘make the UK one of the world’s leading countries for digitised public collections content’, this year’s Collections Trust Conference steps back from data standards and technical matters – and considers users and their needs. It is not about how to digitise your collections, but rather why you might want to.

This one-day conference will explore a number of challenges that we all need to address if – as the recent Culture White Paper puts it – our users are ‘to enjoy a seamless experience online, and have the chance to access particular collections in depth as well as search across all collections’.

Registration for Collections Trust Conference 2016 is open and the full programme will soon be finalised.