Analysing and unlocking cultural heritage with artificial intelligence

This workshop, organised by the Vlaamse AI Academie, explores how artificial intelligence can be applied to analyse cultural heritage and make it accessible. 

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1000 Bruxelles
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Title: Vlaamse AI Academie
Public Domain
26 November 2021
Royal Library of Belgium

Models from artificial intelligence offer vast possibilities for analysing our cultural heritage and making it accessible. They enable heritage specialists to collect, analyse and model large amounts of data. As a result, more characteristics of heritage can be studied and it becomes more accessible. This seminar offers a first insight into the infinite possibilities of a new tool for studying cultural heritage. During this first workshop for specialists in cultural heritage, several experts will explain how they apply artificial intelligence to analyse cultural heritage and make it accessible. What is possible today, and what does the future hold? Are there any dangers?


  • Prof. Dr. Luc Steels (VUB/UPF Barcelona) will give the introductory keynote with his vision on artificial intelligence and art.

Subsequently, we zoom in on three art disciplines:

  • Painting: Prof. Aleksandra Pizurica (UGent)
  • Music: Dr. Yoeri Uyttendaele and Prof. Toon van Waterschoot (KU Leuven)
  • Literature: Prof. Joke Daems (UGent)

You can register for this event from 25 October until the 19 November. Please note that this event is in person and will be delivered in Dutch.