Posted on Monday December 4, 2017

Updated on Monday December 4, 2017

Swedish silent cinema playbills, 1904-1921

Seventeen years of cinema movie programmes from Sweden's golden era of silent movies. More than 8.000 digitized playbills give insight into the leisure and culture of Sweden around the turn of the 20th century. 

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Title: Scala
Creator: unknown
Date: 1911
Institution: Kungliga Bibliotheket
Country: Sweden
Public Domain

Over the past ten years, the Euscreen project has aggregated hundreds of thousands of digitized audiovisual objects from all over Europe. One of those sources is the Swedish Kungliga Bibliotheket, Swedens National Library. The National Library of Sweden has been collecting virtually everything printed in Sweden or in Swedish since 1661 – and since the late 1970s all audiovisual content on the Swedish market. Most of the latter public service material has been digitized; some three million media files are accessible through the Swedish Media Database. One of the earliest sources for the study of film in Sweden are objects related to Sweden's era of silent film, in the first two decades of the 20th Century.