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Posted on Monday October 5, 2015

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

Manuscript Maps of Switzerland and Abroad

These maps mainly represent cities and cantons of Zurich, nevertheless also maps of the rest of Switzerland and abroad are included in this collection.

Over 1000 handwritten maps from the valuable Map Collection of the Central Library of Zurich have been digitised and made available online as a virtual exibition.

The collection ranges from the Macrobius' world view from the 10th century on the Zurich city fortification plans to the map paintings of the Alps by Josef Ruep from the 20th century. In fact, this collection provides an insight into the art of handwritten maps from different centuries. Among the treasures within this collection are the first geometrically constructed Swiss map by Conrad Türst, 1495, a portolan atlas by Perrinus Vesconte, 1321 and a manuscript atlas from the 16th century by Battista Agnese.