Europeana Foundation is the operator of Europeana, the European Union’s digital platform for cultural heritage. Our activities to maintain and develop the core service platform are funded under the Digital Service Infrastructure (DSI) project funding cycles. Throughout the years, we have also participated in other EU funded projects to support cultural heritage institutions in their digital transformation. Focus areas vary from digitisation and aggregation of high-quality data to technological innovation, reuse and capacity building. 

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Over €5 million granted to six new projects to enhance the Europeana Initiative
Title: Sonata No. 6 (Sonata of the Stars). Allegro. Andante
Creator: Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis
Date: 1908
Institution: M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art
Country: Lithuania
Public Domain

Over €5 million granted to six new projects to enhance the Europeana Initiative

Created: 17 March 2021

We are delighted that the European Commission has funded six new projects under CEF Telecom 2020 calls! The programme supports the deployment of the European Commission’s Digital Service Infrastructures (DSIs), such as Europeana and Automatic Translation, across the European Union. Explore the awarded projects!

Europeana Common Culture: successes towards a harmonised and coordinated aggregation ecosystem

Created: 28 January 2021

The Europeana Common Culture project has contributed significantly to the development of a well-functioning and sustainable aggregation infrastructure in Europe. We take a look back at what the project has achieved. 

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