Europeana Foundation is the operator of Europeana, the European Union’s digital platform for cultural heritage. Our activities to maintain and develop the core service platform are funded under the Digital Service Infrastructure (DSI) project funding cycles. Throughout the years, we have also participated in other EU funded projects to support cultural heritage institutions in their digital transformation. Focus areas vary from digitisation and aggregation of high-quality data to technological innovation, reuse and capacity building. 

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WEAVE LabDay: Early Dance Circle
Title: WEAVE - Screengrab from the CultureMoves Film created for the EDC Baroque Dance Module, courtesy of EDC / C-DARE Coventry University
3 December 2021

WEAVE LabDay: Early Dance Circle

This LabDay, organised by COVUNI (Centre for Dance Research, C-DaRE) and the Early Dance Circle (EDC) will explore activities taking place under the WEAVE project and the importance of historical dance and music. 

WEAVE LabDay: Castellers in the world
Title: Ajuntament de Girona / CRDI: Fires i Festes de Sant Narcís 2016, by Pere Duran, In Copyright
24 November 2021

WEAVE LabDay: Castellers in the world

This LabDay will explore Castellars (human castles: people who build towers with their bodies and make different constructions called castells).