Europeana Foundation is the operator of Europeana, the European Union’s digital platform for cultural heritage. Our activities to maintain and develop the core service platform are funded under the Digital Service Infrastructure (DSI) project funding cycles. Throughout the years, we have also participated in other EU funded projects to support cultural heritage institutions in their digital transformation. Focus areas vary from digitisation and aggregation of high-quality data to technological innovation, reuse and capacity building. 

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EU projects

Project news

PAGODE - Europeana China: landmarks and legacy
Title: Journey through China
Creator: United Archives / Carl Simon
Date: 1910-01-01
Institution: United Archives / Carl Simon
Country: Germany

PAGODE - Europeana China: landmarks and legacy

Created: 30 September 2021

The PAGODE project aimed to increase engagement with the Chinese heritage collections preserved in Europe, and established a dedicated section in the Europeana website to share this rich content. We look back over the last 18 months of the completed project.

Creating podcasts and vlogs with audiovisual cultural heritage
Title: Luca Missoni filmed by Giorgio Bosisio during the EFHA-interview in the Missoni archive. In Copyright.
Date: March 2021
Institution: EFHA

Creating podcasts and vlogs with audiovisual cultural heritage

Created: 12 July 2021

With vlogs and podcasts created in the scope of Europeana XX - Century of Change, new and innovative editorial formats enter the Europeana stage. Sofie Taes shares the team’s learnings and experiences creating these formats and how they communicate around about digital cultural heritage.

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