The European Library

Project summary

The European Library is a free service run by the Conference of European National Librarians (CENL). It aggregates and gives users online access to a diverse range of content from Europe's 48 national libraries. The interface of the website is available in 36 languages.

Digitised books from famous authors such as Charles Baudelaire and Miguel de Cervantes are represented, as are images of cities such as Paris, the digitised catalogues of Danish department store Daells Varehus, and a wealth of bibliographical records.

Objects are accepted from institutions located in countries included in the Council of Europe. There is no cost to access the majority of items.

The European Library is also leading the Europeana Libraries project. It will aggregate over 5 million objects from 19 research libraries and make them available both to Europeana and a new portal aimed at digital humanities researchers. Research libraries contributing content to Europeana Libraries will also become partners in The European Library.

Project contact

Aubery Escande
The European Library