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EuropeanaTech Community Wiki page #

Welcome, EuropeanaTech Community Members #

It's great to see you!

The EuropeanaTech Research and Development community is bringing together researchers, developers, experts from the Europeana Network. This community has been created to allow to meet, innovate and undertake research needed for the future of Europeana. It is backed by WP2 of the Europeana v3.0 project.

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How to become a member of the EuropeanaTech community? #

Any provider of technology to the Europeana community, any researcher active working on applying e.g., computer science to the cultural sector, any employee from a Europeana data provider with a technical background is welcome to participate our technical network. Become a member in two steps:

  1. formally register to the general Europeana Network via
  2. to be added to the Europeana Tech mailing list, send an email to the Europeana Office, Gina.vanderLinden at KB dot nl, copying Antoine.Isaac at kb dot nl.

How to contribute and benefit from the community? #

  1. Read our Mission Statement
  2. React to our deliverables
  3. Participate our coming meetings
  4. Become a member of EuropeanaTech Task Forces
  5. Contact us to feature your prototypes/demos in ThoughtLab
  6. Contact us to add your work to this mindmap on activities related to 'semantics'
  7. Contribute to our overview of mappings, refinements, or extensions to/of EDM by filling the survey.

Key resources#

  1. Mindmap on activities related to 'semantics'.
  2. Inventory of FLOSS in the Cultural Heritage Domain.
  3. Discover the technologies developed within EuropeanaTech in ThoughtLab
  4. Re-use existing mappings, refinements or extensions to/of EDM

Deliverables produced as part of WP7 of the Europeana v2.0 project.#

  1. Inventory of FLOSS in the Cultural Heritage Domain. If you are interested in contributing to this public Google Spreadsheet, please contact: gmarkus at beeldengeluid dot nl
  2. Market study on technical options for semantic feature extraction
  3. Mission Statement for Europeana Software Development Platform
  4. Functional specifications for social semantic functions, with a report and links to first implementations!
  5. Report on Innovative Multilingual Information Access
  6. a useful write-up of all updates made to the Europeana Data model (EDM) in the past years
  7. a series of recommendation on multilingual search and enrichment, among others following up on the work of the EuropeanaTech task force on multilingual semantic enrichment
  8. a report that describes updates made to two crowd-sourcing (annotation) tools, Waisda? ( and Annotorious ( , making annotations more "semantic" (by using vocabularies such as thesauri) and better plugged with Europeana.

Task Forces reports#

  1. Report of Task Force on hierarchical objects
  2. Report on EDM – FRBRoo Application Profile Task Force
  3. Report on EDM mappings, refinements and extensions
  4. Report on multilingual semantic enrichment

Meetings and updates#


Conferences relevant for EuropeanaTech Network#

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contact us For Research and Development questions

Antoine Isaac

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Robina Clayphan

Valentine Charles

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