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EDM Wish List

A simple list of *possible* EDM improvement items, by Antoine:

  • representing user annotations/tags (AI: could link to Awareness)
  • data attribution, provenance and licensing (AI: can start by checking the choices in
  • expressing authority/trust for links and identifiers (AI: not sure what it could start with. Maybe wiser to do a TF on data attribution first)
  • approximate geo coordinates, or places that cover an area (AI: can be part of a TF on validating EDM template for Places)
  • EDM-FRBRoo harmonization (AI: already done by Martin, almost, so it could be done without task force. But it's mentioned in version1.0's D3.4. Plus, we need to be sure which FRBR we want to map EDM to: there are several versions around, of which FRBRoo is just one.)
  • collections (AI: may relate to Europeana14-18 and stories in Awareness. Carlo, Martin and I will be working on this, so maybe we don't want to create a specific task force if there's already an adhoc group)
  • data versioning
  • probabilistic statements: feasibility, application cases (AI: really long-term, but some have been apparently interested)

Every such "modeling task" could be related to a "usage" task in the other TF ideas. For example "annotation" in EDM shall be connected to "annotation" in user-generated metadata. It feels inappropriate first to duplicate "business" TF with EDM-centered one. But it can remove the burden of data modeling from more practical, case-centered TFs.

Some of these TF ideas are inspired by an Open Issues document. The items there belong to quite different levels (using the numbers from the doc):

  • 1-6 are little improvements or clarifications to make. I'm not sure there should be a task force for them. Maybe that's more work for our EDM "expert group"--but still, we need to activate it.
  • 7-9 were quite clear candidate for task forces. Though for 7 we may want to focus on one category (Agent, Event) at a time, as I've suggested above for Places.
  • 10 is a quite complex set of issues which involve mapping practices and possible extensions. I think it should be a longer-run effort between the EDM expert group and EuropeanaLibraries.
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