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WP1 Digitisation
This work package will digitise 45,000 digital images, 1,800 audio files and 300 video files of historic musical instruments in European public collections with their metadata sets in harvestable databases, and recommendations for photographing musical instruments.
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WP2 OAI Harvesting database development and EUROPEANA Interoperability
Create a technical platform that will aggregate metadata related to musical instruments in public collections to provide EUROPEANA (EUROPEANA) with normalised data, using OAI-PMH Harvesting, and digitised documents such as images, audio and video files.
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WP3 Thesauri and Classification
This work package aims to create dictionaries applied to all object records of all museums, ensuring consistency of nomenclature, maximising search results for visitors.
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WP4 Project Management
The aim of this work package is to ensure efficient overall management of the project. This work package will ensure the technical and legal compliance of the consortium in its contract with the Commission; manage overall the finances of the project; ensure that the consortium is effectively managed and coordinated internally in order to optimise its performance, meet its objectives and produce its agreed deliverables.
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WP5 Assessment and Evaluation
The aim of this work package is to ensure that the project develops in accordance with the needs of the target users, the consortium members and EUROPEANA. Through systematic monitoring, carried out at regular intervals over the life of the project, assessment and evaluation will shape the direction of the project to ensure that all those needs are met.
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WP6 Dissemination and Awareness
The aims of this work package are: 1)To effectively disseminate information about the project to interested target groups 2)To define, identify and aggregate new participants 3)To create a business plan and exploitation plan 4)To address project maintenance and sustainability after EU-funded phase.
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