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WP1 Project Management and Coordination
Objectives: to establish the collaborative network of experts and stakeholders who will work together to identify best practice approaches to the Linked Heritage topics, to agree terms of reference, roles and responsibilities of the working groups, to coordinate the activities of the project through an effective management structure, to coordinate the quality assurance process, to stimulate and encourage all work-packages, to identify and overcome obstacles and issues before they delay or disrupt the project, to evaluate progress, to liaise as necessary with the Commission and the integration of new content providers
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WP2 Linking Cultural Heritage Information
The main objective is to explore the state of the art in linked data and its applications and potential; to identify the most appropriate models. 2) To explore the state of the art in persistent identifiers (both standards and management tools); to identify the most appropriate approach to persistent identification. 3)To design a feasibility model and to realise a demonstrator of a secure and reliable infrastructure for a network of ‘linked data enabled’ cultural heritage information repositories/ 4) To explore the state of the art in cultural metadata models, and in particular their interoperability across libraries, museums, etc. 5) To outline the potential benefits that richer cultural heritage metadata could bring to Europeana, and to the other services which will use it.
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WP3 Terminology
WP3 aims to enhance the Europeana search experience through more precise search and more relevant results. It will help in front office in Europeana efforts to provide a powerful search engine to the end user by offering means to yield semantically enriched terminologies and content to provide as input for the Europeana Digital Library. On the side of content providers, WP3 aims to reduce the gap between the terminology management and the skills to perform an effective ingestion of data. It will help content providers enrich their metadata records so that they offer the maximum value to Europeana. WP3 will provide an in-progress new reference terminology for multiple cultural domains and an environment to create and evolve that terminology in permanent compliancy with Europeana.
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WP4 Public Private Partnership
The aim of WP4 is to explore the state of the art in the management of metadata in the private sector, particularly in terms of: 1) Metadata models and sharing/unification of metadata stores 2)Rights frameworks and sharing/publishing of metadata 3) Controlled vocabularies 4) The benefit to Europeana of interoperability with the private sector, and to outline new services and facilities that could be enabled by the integration of private sector content. metadata to Europeana.
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WP5 Technical Integration
The main objective is to integrate the technical components necessary for the ingestion of content into Europeana. 2)To publish interfaces for the integration of the technical results of WP3 within the same user environment 3)To make this platform available online for validation and for the large-scale contribution of content to Europeana (in WP6) and for dissemination & training (WP7).
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WP6 Coordination of Content
Objectives: 1)To gain feedback for the refinement and improvement of the environment and the system as a whole in order to support tier-one countries and others who have not yet contributed large amounts of content to Europeana 2)To provide support to the content providers for the mapping of their metadata formats to the Linked Heritage format
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WP7 Dissemination and Training
This work package stimulates the contribution of content to Europeana by raising awareness of the tools, facilities and best practice provided by Linked Heritage. It hopes to increase the size of the best practice network by attracting new members, build stronger links between the public and private sectors and raise awareness across the Europeana ecosystem of the Linked Heritage work, and to encourage Europeana, content provider and aggregators to take full advantage of the work of the project.
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