The 2012 plenary sessions will be lead by inspiring key note speakers and supported by a number of break-out sessions on themes including Collaboration, Open Culture and Innovative Technologies from 14 -15 June. If you are planning to attend one of our sessions, please view the information below for more details. 

To attend these sessions, registration is required. Note that all the sessions are held on a specific time on a specific date. A few of the sessions will take place simultaneously. Please view the agenda before you register.
Break-out Session 1 - Collaboration

Session 1.1 "Network Relations" register now!

Collaborative relationships across the Europeana of stakeholders are vital to future success. We will look at some of the key principles behind the Cultural Commons and examine how we can apply these to new forms of network. To develop these ideas, we are joined by the European Network of Living Labs, which supports models cooperation and synergy-building.

The session "Network Relations" is brought to you by:

Alastair Dunning
Programme Manager at the European Library

Aubéry Escande
Marketing & Editorial Manager at the European Library

Martina Schoberova
Business Project Coordinator at Europeana




Session 1.2 "End-user engagement" register now!

The Collaboration / end-user engagement session will look at how partners from inside and outside of the Europeana network can collaborate in creating innovative concepts for engaging end users through digitised cultural heritage content, taking end-users' needs and behaviour as its starting point.

The session "End-user engagement" is brought to you by: 

Anne Marie van Gerwen
Manager Marketing and Communications at Europeana





Break-out Session 2 - Open Culture

Session 2.1 "Re-use of data" register now!

Last year Europeana made the data repository accessible through its open search API. Since then, several of our partners have already implemented the API in their services. In the Re-use session we will hear how they integrated the API into their services, and the logic behind their approach. The workshop format will explore how your institution or organisation could benefit from opening up your data through an API or integrate other organisations' APIs in your services.

The session "Re-use of data" is brought to you by:

Annette Friberg
Development Manager at Europeana


Jan Molendijk

Technical & Operations Director




Session 2.2 "Legal" register now!

This session looks at the latest developments on Orphan Works and the PSI Directive in Europe and the impact on how cultural institutions make their cultural data and content available and reusable online. A panel discussion will focus on Europe's current IPR landscape and how this helps or hinders access and reuse of cultural information online, and on how the European regulatory framework can support creativity and innovation in Europe."

The session "Legal" is brought to you by:

Georgia Angelaki 
Business and Policy coordinator




Break-out session 3 - Innovative technologies

Session 3.1 "Research & development" register now!

This session will highlight some of the R&D issues relevant to Europeana and its network: including metadata interoperability, personalisation and data enrichment.

The session "Research & development" is brought to you by:

Antoine Isaac
Scientific Coordinator for Europeana

Max Kaiser
Head of R & D at the Austrian National Library




Session 3.2 "Product Development" register now!

The Product Development session will present inspiring real and in-production case-studies on best practice in product development. It will, focus on geographical search and user experience design for mobile devices that can be adopted in your own product development practices."

The session "Product Development" is brought to you by:

David Haskiya
Product Developer at Europeana




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