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WP1 Project Management
This work package focuses on effectively managing the project with regards to the delivering of solutions, the maintenance of cost and quality with the requirements of the grant agreement between the Commission and the project consortium. Internal management and financial control of the project will be provided and external strategic co-operation activities will be planned which will create informal and formal relationships with other relevant projects and initiatives.
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WP2 Content selection metadata alignment knowledge management
The main aim is to provide Europeana with a critical mass of content. To do this, aims are to identify and select a critical mass of cultural heritage resources that belong to the thematic domain, “Jews in European Cities” to be digitized. Also, to survey the existing metadata schema and define and implement the necessary steps to align these schemas to the metadata requirements defined for Europeana. As well as this to implement the required alignment through the work of experienced indexers.
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WP3 Digitisation metadata entry API and web
WP3 will establish the technical tools required for JUDAICA tasks and provide support for Partners and Associated Partners. It includes support for: 1)The digitisation process and issues concerning hardware, Software, etc 2) Content enrichment facilities through a metadata entry system 3) Advanced web management facilities (4) Semantic interoperability including the representation of controlled vocabularies (5) Selection, installation and support for the use of an open source knowledge management package.
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WP4 Awareness and Dissemination
The main objectives are: 1) To raise awareness of the project and promote its results. 2)To promote the JUDAICA content to the different constituencies across Europe and motivate people to use it, 3) To promote the JUDAICA system and EUROPEANA to a wider group of public and private content owners 4)To ensure synergy between the JUDAICA dissemination and EUROPEANA – The European Digital Library.
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WP5 Assessment and Evaluation
The main aims are: 1) To carry out a comprehensive evaluation showing how the addition of the thematic domain content by JUDAICA leads to an improved practice in the discovery, delivery, integration of cultural heritage resources for European, multilingual, multicultural use by the different target populations: scholars, cultural heritage professionals, education users, cultural tourists and the general public. 2) To carry out in collaboration with other work packages a process-oriented project evaluation and report on the findings.
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