Launch of the new Europeana Labs beta website

Europeana Labs fosters a spirit of collaboration and sharing by showcasing our open data collections and examples of API implementations, re-use of Europeana Linked Open Data and prototypes which resulted from R&D activities.

Visit for our API services, information on Linked Open Data and to be inspired by our case studies.

Re-use data

Europeana has established itself as an authoritative, trusted and wide-ranging resource, giving the public access to cultural heritage content from across Europe. In order to meet users' needs, ensure widespread access to Europe's rich heritage, and stimulate creativity and innovation, Europeana supports distribution of this cultural heritage content beyond the Europeana Network.

The Europeana API (Application Programming Interface) service allows developers and other organisations to search and display Europeana collections in external websites and applications. There are a variety of ways of making use of the API, such as creating a search widget or giving a customised view of Europeana content on a website or mobile application.

Content can also be re-used as Linked Open Data. The pilot is part of Europeana's ongoing efforts to make its metadata available as Linked Open Data on the web. It allows others to access metadata collected from Europeana providers (via standard web technologies), enrich this metadata and give this enriched metadata back to the providers. Links between Europeana resources and other resources in the Linked Data web will facilitate the discovery of semantically-related resources, like, for example, linking two artworks by artists who are related to each other.

In the Support for Open Data pages, you will find some background information about Europeana's Data Exchange Agreement and how it relates to open metadata re-use.

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