Countdown to Europeana AGM and DISH2013

14 November 2013 Comment

Only 17 days to go until the Europeana Annual General Meeting and Digital Strategies for Heritage conference (DISH2013) in Rotterdam (2-3 December)!

The agenda for the Europeana AGM has now been set. The day includes chance for existing Task Forces to get together, then for everyone to meet up to discuss the Network's progress this year and to brainstorm ideas for where we hope to be in 2020. There are also two inspiring lunchtime sessions: one thinks about a strategy for Europeana to positively impact education; the other teaches participants how to build an app in an hour - no technical experience necessary! Download the AGM agenda.

Aimed at heritage professionals, DISH2013 is a lively and internationally-oriented conference focusing on three key themes: Active Audiences, Business for Creative Industries and New Competencies. The two-day event will consist of small-scale interactive sessions interspersed with inspiring keynote talks. The speakers and full programme can be found on The DISH conference also incorporates the Annual General Meeting for the Europeana Network, for which the agenda has now been announced.

Historian and filmmaker Jason Scott, Retronaut founder Chris Wild, publishing and media entrepreneur Mitchell Davis and head of Rijksmuseum Collections Taco Dibbits will be the keynote speakers at DISH2013 amidst a programme filled with workshops on topics like crowdsourcing for cultural heritage and social media for museums. There will also be a series of round table sessions called 'Chefs’ tables'. ‘The pain and pleasure of making interactive experiences’, ‘How to start wiki-related projects once you've convinced your staff’, ‘How to build a GLAM community’ and ‘How to survive as a 21st century photo agency’ are just some of the themes that will bring DISH2013 to life. The bi-annual conference is aimed at decision makers and key stakeholders in the field of digital heritage, but also at creative industry professionals wanting to learn more about the possibilities of digital heritage.


Day 1 of DISH2013 will start with the Annual General Meeting for members of the Europeana Network. In the afternoon, four high profile open for all workshops will take place. The first session will address questions such as what new skills are necessary for creating innovative (digital) cultural and creative products and services based on Creative Heritage resources and what is the required mix of expertise in arts and humanities, technical applications and business development for this. The second workshop will focus on the Modeling Crowdsourcing for Cultural Heritage (MOCCA) project that aims to steer more effective crowdsourcing projects for galleries, libraries, archives, and museums. Two more workshops will focus on social media and creating an in-house lab for digital development.

Image of happy Europeana Network members

Participants in a workshop at the Europeana Network AGM 2012, Europeana, CC BY-SA

Chefs’ tables

As well as keynote speeches and workshops, DISH2013 will introduce 15 ‘Chefs’ tables’ - round table discussions on various topics related to the three conference themes. The Chefs’ tables offer a platform for active sharing of ideas, an opportunity to openly discuss processes, collaboration, successes, problems, failures and learning points. This format encourages increased sharing of ideas, networking and collaboration.

The discussions at the Chefs’ tables are led by 'digital heroes', people from within or outside the heritage sector with a distinctive track record in relation to (one of) the three themes. The atmosphere at the tables is open and relaxed, offering an opportunity to just listen or to actively engage in discussion on strategic choices in relation to digital heritage. The main points from the sessions will be shared via the social media, video, and live blogging.

Conference Venue

DISH2013 and takes place on 2-3 December 2013 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, with the Europeana AGM hon 2 December. The conference venue is De Doelen, close to Rotterdam Central Station. For more information and registration visit the website:

Thanks to The New Institute (Pepijn Lemmers) for this information about DISH2013.