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The following is a hand-picked list of interesting articles about Europeana projects that have appeared in newspapers, magazines or academic journals, or on television, radio or online.

  • "BBC Studios And Post Production Wins IWM Contract" - 8 Oct 2012 Download PDF (EN)

    BBC Studios and Post Production's Digital Media Services team has been chosen to digitise and future-proof a substantial proportion of IWM's (Imperial War Museums') collection of First World War film footage. The project was commissioned in preparation for the centenary anniversary of WW1 in 2014 and will be completed by the end of 2013. Part of the European Film Gateway (EFG) 1914 project and co-funded by the Community programme ICT-PSP.
  • "Minister Deenihan to Award Prizes for Creative Re-use of Europeana Open Data"
    Merrion Street - 24 Sep 2012 Download PDF (EN)
    Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, Jimmy Deenihan T.D. will award prizes to developers and designers who participated in the Dublin Hack4Europe2012! event at a reception in the Science Gallery, Dublin (tomorrow) Tuesday, 25 September 2012.
  • "Museum Marks a Decade"
    New York Times - 24 Sep 2012 Download PDF (EN)

    Just as it prepares for the future by helping to coordinate Europe's digital fashion archive, ModeMuseum (MoMu) is celebrating a bit of the past: its debut 10 years ago this month.
  • "EU Opens Up Digitized Cultural Treasures"
    Wall Street Journal - 17 Sep 2012 Download PDF (EN)
    In a fragmented way, countries have been digitizing their cultural treasures, sometimes, but not always, making them available free. The European Union now appears to be making a serious effort to maximize the digital availability of artifacts across borders.
  • "Why Europe is opening up its cultural history online"
    Giga OM - 14 Sep 2012 Download PDF (EN)

    Moves to allow the digitization of ‘orphan works' and free up the metadata around 20 million cultural objects will benefit the public and could inspire a new wave of apps and web services. But the underlying motivation is fundamentally political.

  • "Europeana opens up data on 20 millions cultural items"
    The Guardian - 12 Sep 2012 Download PDF (EN)
    Europe's digital library Europeana has been described as the 'jewel in the crown' of the sprawling web estate of EU institutions. [...] oday Europeana is opening up data about all 20 million of the items it holds under the CC0 rights waiver. [...] This is a coup d'etat for advocates of open cultural data.
  • "Future with Digital Literature"
    In Time - May/June 2012 Download PDF (EN)
    In June the Univeristy of Tartu Library (UTL) is hosting an annual conference of the Association of Europeana Research Libraries (LIBER) that will focus on issues such as Open Access, digitization, digital storage, cloud services (cloud printing) and the ever-expanding mobile solutions.
  • "Hitler Post Card From World War I Found"
    ABC News - 3 May 2012Download PDF (EN)
    A postcard sent by a young Adolf Hitler was uncovered as part of a World War I history project funded by the European Union. The future German dictator, then 27, penned the note in December of 1916 while he was recovering from injuries sustained on the war front.
  • "Postcard From Adolf Hitler Discovered At British Library Roadshow"
    Huffingtonpost - 2 May 2012Download PDF (EN)
    Adolf Hitler was surprisingly keen to return to the front line after being injured in the First World War, a recently-discovered postcard suggests.The rare card surfaced at a family history roadshow almost a century after being sent by the future dictator to his comrade Karl Lanzhammer.
  • "Hitler's hand written postcard suggests he was not good at spelling" - 2 May 2012Download PDF(EN)
    UA newly discovered postcard from 1916 that had been written by Hitler during World War I shows that the Nazi dictator wasn't great at spelling.The postcard was written by the former Fascist leader as he recovered from a war wound in a Munich hospital in December 1916. In it he made the mistake of spelling the German word "sofort", meaning "immediately", with double "f" instead of one.
  • "Encuentran postal escrita por Adolf Hitler"
    Radio Habana Cuba - 2 May 2012Download PDF(Cuba)
    Una postal enviada por Adolf Hitler cuando era soldado en la Primera Guerra Mundial fue encontrada durante un proyecto sobre la historia europea. La tarjeta fue enviada por Hitler en 1916 cuando se estaba recuperando de una herida de guerra, y fue encontrada en Múnich, Alemania.
  • "Des témoignages de la Première Guerre mondiale sur Europeana"
    ActuaLitte - 2 May 2012Download PDF(FR)
    Le portail bibliothécaire européen et numérique, Europeana, mettra en ligne plusieurs témoignages d'histoires dévoilant un autre aspect de la Première Guerre mondiale. Des récits de vie qui interviendront dans le cadre du 100e anniversaire du conflit, célébré partout en Europe.
  • "Našla sa pohľadnica, ktorú napísal Hitler ako vojak"
    HN Style - 2 May 2012 Download PDF(Slovakia))
    Ako vojak zranený v 1. svetovej vojne ju poslal priateľovi z frontu Karlovi Lanzhammerovi. V Mníchove sa našla pohľadnica, ktorú 27-ročný Adolf Hitler ako vojak zranený v 1. svetovej vojne napísal priateľovi z frontu Karlovi Lanzhammerovi. Na pohľadnici z roku 1916 je bavorský Norimberg, ktorý sa neskôr stal dejiskom ríšskych zjazdov Hitlerových nacionálnych socialistov a po 2. svetovej vojne tiež procesov s hlavnými vojnovými zločincami nacistickej diktatúry.
  • "Hitler's postcards and bombproof bibles: The remarkable results of Europeana 1914-18"
    Culture 24 - 2 May 2012Download PDF(EN))
    When a series of roadshows were held across the continent by Europeana 1914-1918, a project inviting people to share their World War I stories, 2,000 people turned up.Almost 50,000 photos of objects, letters and diaries from the period have been uploaded to a dedicated website as a result. But no-one could have anticipated quite how powerful the artefacts offered would be.
  • "Zahnschmerzen und Rechtschreibschwäche" - 2 May 2012 Download PDF (DE)
    In München taucht eine bislang unbekannte Karte von Adolf Hitler aus dem Jahre 1916 auf. Aus dem vergilbten Papier wird deutlich: Der spätere Diktator hatte schon als junger Mann schlechte Zähne, eine Vorliebe für Nürnberg - und Probleme mit der deutschen Rechtschreibung.
  • "Im Besitz des Kreissparkassenleiters von Dingolfing" - 2 May 2012 Download PDF (DE)
    Stolz präsentiert das bislang unbekannte Dokument das Projekt Europeana, eine virtuelle Bibliothek, die das kulturelle Erbe des Kontinents der breiten Öffentlichkeit zugänglich machen soll.

  • "Hitler postcard found at roadshow"
    Lancashire Evening Post - 2 May 2012 Download PDF (EN)
    An Oxford University expert has told how "a shudder" ran through him when he was handed a postcard sent by Adolf Hitler to his comrade Karl Lanzhammer nearly 100 years ago.
  • "Badly spelt postcard from Hitler discovered in new archive trawl"
    The Telegraph - 2 May 2012 Download PDF (EN)
    The online history archive Europeana has travelled Europe collecting personal stories of the First World War.
  • "Hitler postcard found at roadshow"
    Press Association - 2 May 2012 Download PDF (EN)
    Adolf Hitler was surprisingly keen to return to the front line after getting injured in the First World War, a recently-discovered postcard has suggested. The rare card surfaced at a family history roadshow almost a century after being sent by the future dictator to his comrade Karl Lanzhammer.
  • " #Europeana: What connects a life-saving Bible, a crucifix in a bottle and a postcard from Hitler?"
    Museummedia - 2 May 2021 Download PDF (EN)
    Web portal Europeana has collected and shared these extraordinary personal stories of World War 1 from across Europe.
  • "Europeana WW1 roadshow results
    British GENES 2 May 2012 Download PDF (EN)
    From the Hague, a press release about the new Europeana WW1 roadshow digitisation project which recently visited Preston and Dublin: Untold and extraordinary real-life stories from World War 1 have come to light and will be shared online as a result of family history roadshows run by the digital innovation service Europeana ( They include a life-saving Bible, the first-hand testimony of a centenarian, and a postcard from a 27-year-old soldier named Adolf Hitler, which suggests that the future dictator had problems with his teeth and his spelling.
  • "Hitler postcard found in World War I project"
    BBC NEWS - 2 May 2012 Download PDF (EN)
    A previously unknown postcard sent by Adolf Hitler when he was a soldier in World War I has been uncovered in a European history project.
  • "Museum indsamler krigsminder"
    Kultur - 15 April 2012 Download PDF (DA)
    I næste uge slår Sønderborg Slot dørene op for en indsamling af minder fra Første Verdenskrig. Museet er udvalgt til at deltage i det store europæiske projekt, fordi det ligger iden danske landsdel, der blev mest berørt af krigen.
  • "De Samler minder til Europa"
    Sønderjylland - 1 April 2012 Download PDF (DA)
    Kulturstyrelsen samler minder og beretninger fra 1. verdenskrig til digital, europæisk database. Stor digitaliseringsdag
    på Sønderborg Slot tirsdag den 24. april, hvor alle borgere kan komme med postkort og fotos fra krigen.
  • "Opas Stahlhelm im Schloss Aufgeben" 
    Sonderburg - 29 March 2012 Download PDF (DA)
    Europaische Initiative ladt am 24. April in Sonderburger Schloss zur Erfassung vond interessanten Zeitzeugnissen aus dem Ersten Weltkrieg ein.
  • "V sklopu projekta Europeane v Sloveniji zbiranje spominov na 1"
    Misli Slovensko - 23 March 2012 Download PDF (SL)
    Evropska digitalna knjižnica, arhiv in muzej Europeana je lani v Nemčiji pričela z izvajanjem projekta Europeana 1914-1918. Projekt je namenjen zbiranju spominov in družinskih zgodb, povezanih s prvo svetovno vojno. Sedaj se širi v Slovenijo, kjer bodo dnevi zbiranja spominov potekali v Novi Gorici, Mariboru in Celju.
  • "Zbogom orožje - dobrodošli spomini" - 23 March 2012 Download PDF (SL) 
    Ena od možnosti, ki so jo prinesle nove tehnologije je digitalizacija. Vse več življenja je digitalnega in virtualnega. Taka pa postaja tudi preteklost.
  • "Zbiranje spominov za virtualni arhiv 1. svetovne vojne
    Retrospektive - 22 March 2012 Download PDF (SL)
    Projekt, ki ga vodi Evropska digitalna knjižnica, temelji na principu množičnega prispevanja dokumentov iz prve svetovne vojne. Javnost lahko do njih dostopa prek digitalnih arhivov, ki na enem mestu ponujajo tovrstne dokumente in predmete kulturne dediščine.
  • "Families rewrite the history of war with mementos"
    Irish Independent - 22 March 2012 Download PDF
    The material from members of the public was being recorded by Europe's digital museum and library, Europeana, which is building an online archive of private stories and documents from World War One in time for the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the war in 1914.
  • "A photo impression form Slovenia
    STA - 21 March 2012 (SL)
  • "National Library call-out answered by families bearing WWI treasures
    Irish Times - 21 March 2012  Download PDF
    A CAPACITY crowd turned out to answer the National Library of Ireland's appeal for first World War memorabilia yesterday.
    The institution, in conjunction with Oxford University and Europeana – Europe's digital museum – is building an online archive of private stories and documents from the Great War.
  • "Share your Great War Treasures
    Luxemburger Wort - 19 March 2012  Download PDF
    As the centenary of the Great War approaches people all over Europe are being urged to unearth mementoes from the tragic conflict to create the biggest digital library from the era.
  • "Your country needs your wartime memorabilia"
    Irish Times - 19 March 2012 Download PDF
    As part of the build-up to the 100th anniversary of the first World War in 2014, the National Library is taking part in a European-wide initiative aimed at digitising the war through family histories and artefacts.
  • "5 Freestyle" 
    Irish Independent Day & Night - 16 March 2012 Download PDF
  • "Wartime diary reveals mum's heartache over lost soldier son
    Irish Independent - 16 March 2012 Download PDF
    A diary kept by a worried mother as she waited for news of her son missing in action in World War One is among items of memorabilia being gathered across Europe to mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of war in 1914.
  •  "Crowds flock to ‘biggest ever' WW1 roadshow"
    JISC - 14 March 2012 Download PDF
    More than 200 people poured into the Museum of Lancashire in Preston at the weekend to have their loved-one's precious items digitised for the virtual archive
  • "World War One 1914-1918 Digitising for the 100th anniversary"
    British Library - 13 March 2012 Download PDF
    WW1 memorabilia from Prisoner of War sketches, to locks of hair and photographs of families and soldiers were revealed at the most successful roadshow event ever to get people to share their memories on the web. 
  • "Project launches in UK as crowds flock to museum roadshow"
    Culture 24 - 13 March 2012 Download PDF
    More than 200 people travelled from as far as Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and Warrington to have their precious items digitised for the virtual archive - a pan-European account of WWI commemorating the centenary of the outbreak of the war in 1914.
  • "ART" 
    Irish Times Ticket - 6 March 2012 Download PDF
  • "Your Country Needs You"
    Lancashire Evening Post - 2 March 2012  Download PDF 
    The Musuem of Lancashire is joining forces with Europe's digital library to compile a comprehensive database of memorabilia to mark the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the first World War. 
  • "War memorabilia needed for Archive"
    Rutland and Stamford Mercury - 29 February 2012 Download PDF
    The digital library, which brings together museums, academic and cultural 
    institutions, will be holding Family History Roadshows where people can 
    bring their items to be looked at by historians and experts.

  • "Kollektives Kriegsarchiv"
    Letzebuerger Journal - 29 February 2012  Download PDF (DE)
    In zwei Jahren nähert sich zum hundertsten Mal der Ausbruch des Ersten Weltkriegs. Am kommenden 6. März organisiert die Bibliothèque nationale de Luxembourg (BnL) in ihren Räumlichkeiten gemeinsam mit dem Nationalarchiv und der virtuellen europäischen Bibliothek Europeana einen Aktionstag, um privates Archivmaterial über den Krieg der Jahre 1914 bis 1918 zu sammeln.
  • "Partager vos souvenirs familiaux de la Première Guerre mondiale"
    Luxemburger Wort - 27 February 2012  Download PDF (FR)
    Europeana organise une vaste collecte numérique pour rendre accessibles à tous des histoires vécues, documents et objets privés à travers le web. Au Luxembourg, le grand public pourra venir partager ses "souvenirs" de 1914-1918, le 6 mars à la Bibliothèque nationale.
  • "Material aus dem ersten Weltkrieg gesucht"
    Tagblatt - 26 February 2012 Download PDF (DE)
    Wie erlebte Luxemburg den Ersten Weltkrieg? Auf der Suche nach Erinnerungsstücken aus diesem Krieg wendet sich die Nationalbibliothek am 6. März an private Sammler.
  • "Europeana: From Prototype to Production"
    Uncommon Culture Vol. 2 - 2011 Read article (EN)
    Journal article by Jonathan Purday charting Europeana's progress up to the end of 2011.

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