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The Europeana Network is an independent organisation of stakeholders. It allows the voice of the Europeana community to be heard, through its elected Officers, at the level of the Europeana Board and Executive Committee. In doing so, it supports the development of the strategic direction of Europeana.

The modus operandi of the Europeana Network is based on Task Forces that meet and work mainly virtually, using e.g. Basecamp or the Europeana Network LinkedIn space. An annual work cycle is foreseen to initiate and drive these groups. The Task Forces deal with issues and problems from across the field, they reflect the opinion and development of data providers and aggregators and they respond to strategic questions and key opportunities. There are two types of Europeana Network Task Forces:

Another group of Task Forces is initiated, run and managed by the Europeana Tech community. The Europeana Tech Research and Development community brings together researchers, developers and experts from the Europeana Network. This community has been created to allow members to meet, innovate and undertake the research needed to drive the future of Europeana. It is backed by WP7 of the Europeana v2.0 project.

The Europeana Office is coordinating the alignment of all Task Forces to avoid duplication of work and ensure that Task Forces working on related subjects collaborate. An overview and details of completed and running Task Forces is provided separately.


Europeana Network Enabled Task Forces

Europeana Network Enabled Task Forces are commissioned by the Europeana Office to carry out work where Network input is vital and directly contributes to the Europeana Strategic Plan 2011-2015 and Business Plans. For these Task Forces, a call will be issued to the Europeana Network by the member of the Europeana Office who will convene and manage the group. Europeana may decide to invite someone from outside the office to chair a Task Force.

See here for a list and more details of all Task Forces.


Europeana Network Proposed Task Forces

Europeana Network Proposed Task Forces support the Europeana Network in developing its areas of interest. These areas and topics will be managed by the Europeana Network Officers and reported into the Europeana Board. A member of the Europeana Network wishing to set up a Task Force should fill in this proposal form available on Europeana Professional, indicating the subject or area of investigation, the participants and what the finished work will be. The completed proposal form should be sent to network@europeana.eu and will be considered by the Europeana Network Officers at their monthly meetings.

See here for a list and more details of all Task Forces.

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