Task Forces

Task Forces tackle issues and obstacles affecting the digital heritage field. Browse through their recommendations.

  • Public libraries

    20 May 2015 to: 16 December 2015

    The Public Libraries Task Force is assessing the options for strengthening the role and voice of the sector in Europeana.

  • EuropeanaTech FLOSS

    1 June 2015 to: 31 August 2015

    The EuropeanaTech task force on the FLOSS Inventory will enrich, improve and structure the Inventory which contains over 300 free, libre, open source tools relevant for the EuropeanaTech community.

  • Brokerage and business opportunities

    17 December 2014 to: 23 December 2015

    Using Europeana Fashion as a use case and exploring how we can engage with Fashion House archives, this Task Force will investigate how Europeana could specifically look at brokerage options and conditions.

  • Europeana Network Communicator's Group

    11 March 2015 to: 17 December 2015

    This Task Force sets out to develop a Europeana Communicator's Group to support pan-european awareness of Europeana's added value.

  • Connecting networks for collaborating & sharing

    12 March 2015 to: 31 December 2015

    This Task Force aims to identify local networks and develop procedures on how Europeana can interact with these local networks. These procedures ought to point out how (input from these local networks) will be considered and/or processed by Europeana.

  • Europeana for education

    11 March 2015 to: 24 September 2015

    making the use of digitised heritage in education beneficial for the various stakeholders related to the Europeana Network

  • Understanding the role of User-Generated Content

    17 April 2014 to: 19 September 2014

    How to create a repository and point of contact for UGC practices both within Europeana and beyond.

  • Extending Europeana controlled rights values

    18 September 2013 to: 18 September 2014

    Making sure Europeana has all the relevant rights labels available to its data-providers.

  • Public-private partnerships (PPP)

    1 June 2012 to: 19 June 2014

    Looks at public-private partnership available to Europeana.

  • Archives

    18 June 2014 to: 21 January 2015

    This Task Force aims to develop a more effective role for archives content in Europeana; Bringing together people from different archives organisations and projects to align work and avoid duplication of work.

  • Content Re-use

    10 September 2014 to: 16 September 2015

    This Task Force aims to generate  agreement on the licensing and technical standards of the re-use framework and their value to contributing partners.

  • Metadata Quality

    8 January 2014 to: 22 May 2015

    How can we improve the metadata provided to Europeana? What impact will this have on end-user experience.

  • Inter-project services UGC content in Europeana

    1 May 2012 to: 1 January 2013

    This Task Force aims to identify inter-project services and practices that will become shared building blocks for the creation of a Europeana UGC ecosystem. The Task Force will identify common requirements and monitor best practices while stimulating critical thinking about the tools and their potential, and offering practical solutions whilst the tools are being developed.

  • Evaluation and enrichments

    27 January 2015 to: 31 October 2015

    Automatic enrichments can be very beneficial for enabling retrieval across languages and adding context to resources accessible via Europeana. If automatically added enrichments are incorrect or ambiguous, the benefits can be reversed, propagating the errors to several languages and impacting the retrieval performance.

  • EDM profile for Sound

    1 March 2014 to: 30 September 2014

    This Task Force describes a set of recommendations for the adaptation of the current Europeana Data Model (EDM) for audio and audio-related objects.

  • EDM mappings refinements and extensions

    1 September 2013 to: 31 January 2014

    The task force has collected mappings to and extensions of EDM, documenting and summarising work from different partners and projects into an overall 'big picture'

  • Multilingual and Semantic Enrichment Strategy

    1 October 2013 to: 31 March 2014

    The task force revealed the common obstacles in automatic semantic enrichments and provided recommendations to overcome some of these issues. It was found that multilingual enrichments can increase the negative effect of low quality metadata across languages.

  • EDM – FRBRoo Application Profile

    1 July 2012 to: 1 May 2013

    This report delivers combined models in terms of properties and classes of EDM and FRBRoo illustrated by sample data. Smaller groups have worked on three different examples. The report also provides principles for modeling and mapping rules based on the experiments of the working groups.

  • Hierarchical objects

    1 June 2012 to: 28 February 2014

    Hierarchical objects are important for Europeana' s network of projects and data providers. Archives, libraries or museums aim at describing their objects with the finest granularity of data and contextual information...


  • Wikimedia Developments

    1 August 2014 to: 31 January 2015

    This Task Force will looked at technological developments in the Wikimedia community and recommended a way to move forward in Europeana's involvement with the development of technological solutions.

  • Impact assessment

    14 November 2012 to: 24 November 2014

    Considers means of measuring the impact of digital resources.