What is the Europeana Network?

The Europeana Network is a community of experts (organised and run by the Europeana Foundation) working in the field of digital heritage and united by a common mission to expand and improve access to Europe's cultural digital heritage.

Ultimately, the Europeana Network seeks to unite all individuals who are active in the field and ensure effective dialogue and mutual learning amongst them on topics at the forefront of the digital heritage revolution - such as IPR, end-user engagement and data aggregation.

The Europeana Network is also the go-to point for contact and involvement with the Europeana Foundation - Europe's leading foundation in the field of digital heritage. Europeana is a catalyst for change, connecting Europe and supporting economic growth through greater access to its heritage.

What are the benefits of being a member?

As a member of the European Network you will benefit from having your voice heard, your professional network expanded, and having access to multiple opportunities to learn more about key developments in the digital heritage field.

       Stay informed

  • Receive Network e-updates and sector-relevant information: You will receive the Europeana Network Update detailing Europeana's activities and that of its members, as well as updates on issues related to the digital heritage field.

       Meet industry professionals

  • Participate in theEuropeana Network Annual General Meeting. This major event brings together over 200 professionals from the digital heritage sector.
  • Set up and join Task Forces:These are project-based working groups dealing with issues from across the digital heritage field, reflecting and responding to strategic questions and aiming to provide deliverables that are transformative to the sector. Task Forces in the past have looked into issues relating to public-private partnerships, user-generated content, and the cultural commons among developer-related issues. Europeana's Tech community also runs Task Forces on technical issues for developers working with digital heritage.
  • Throughout the year, Europeana runs multiple workshops and events. Europeana Network members will be actively informed about these events.

       Have your voice heard

  • Europeana Network members vote for six Network Officers who represent a broad group of key stakeholders and each serve a two-year term. They represent the Europeana Network to the Board and contribute to the decision-making of the Europeana Foundation, the governing body of Europeana.  

If you would like to know more, contact our Network Co-ordinator for more information. Or alternatively, join the Europeana Network LinkedIn group for a preview of our activities.  

How do I join?

Joining couldn't be easier! If you work in the digital heritage field, just fill in this form.

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