Hack4Europe! 2012

During 2012, and as part of the ‘Connecting Society to Culture Programme', Europeana invited developers and designers to showcase the possibilities of using the Europeana API to develop marketable applications. The kick-off of this programme, Hack4Europe! 2012, was at the Europeana Awareness event "Culture for digital innovation" on 9 May 2012 in Brussels.

During this event, EU Vice-President and Commissioner for the Digital Agenda for Europe Neelie Kroes launched the competition to develop the best application on specified themes based on the Europeana API. 

Hack4Europe! road show, May-June 2012

Hack4Europe! 2012 road show included 3 hackathons in 3 different countries organised by Europeana and selected Europeana Awareness partners between 26 May and 21 June. 
Each hackathon brought together up to 30 developers from the hosting country and the surrounding area. They had access to the diverse and rich Europeana collections containing over 21 million records, Europeana Search API (incl. a test key and technical documentation), digitized WW1 memorabilia collected during the Europeana WW1 road shows in spring 2012 and Europeana Linked Open Data Pilot datasets, which comprised about 2.5 million Europeana records available under a CC0 license.
Participants were encouraged to try out their ideas for creative re-use of the Europeana content and build applications showcasing the social and business value of open cultural data. Possible development themes included mobile apps, mash-ups, social curation, user annotations and World War One.
Each hackathon announced its own winners in 4 categories: 
  • Greatest commercial potential
  • Greatest social impact
  • Most innovative app
  • Developers' pick 
Winners from the individual hackathons were then further evaluated and one finalist per hackathon was invited and awarded a special prize during the Digital Agenda Assembly on 21-22 June in Brussels. Read more about the winning prototypes.

Hack4Europe! 2012 events

Check the individual event websites for more details about the organisation, categories and winning prototypes.
Organised by the National Audio-Visual InstitutePoland and the
Take a look at the winning prototypes.
Organised by Europeana  and Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center(PSNC)
Take a look at the winning prototypes
Note: Hack4Europe!Ireland is not part of the Digital Assembly Agenda competition.
Take a look at the winning prototype.


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