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We will be inviting individuals to act as our champions and representatives in key EU countries.

Judith van Kranendonk takes up the role in The Netherlands for Europeana.

Judith van Kranendonk was Director-General of Culture and Media at the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science for many years until the end of 2011. She was responsible for state policy and management of cultural heritage throughout The Netherlands, covering national museums, archives, libraries, visual arts, performing arts, film and related domains.

In the European context, Judith van Kranendonk was involved in stimulating large scale digitisation of cultural heritage and in the development of a single access point to European culture online. This idea was first launched under the Dutch EU presidency in 2004, and she played an active part in several informal conferences at ministerial level on the topic.

Judith van Kranendonk is a member of Topteam Creative Industries, the platform where government, science and industry meet in order to develop innovative instruments to expand the creative industries and enhance economic growth through culture.

In her capacity of ambassador, she strongly supports Europeana's ambition to enhance interoperability across Europe in order to open up access to digitised cultural heritage. She will act as an advocate for Europeana as a force for social inclusion and economic growth, connecting citizens, content providers and the creative industries.

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