Guest post by Sejul Malde, Culture24 

Photo credit: Walter Naumann, CC BY-SA 

Europeana, with Culture24 from the UK and from Luxembourg, are organising a series of three free workshops for collection holders across Europe that explore how digital collections can be used to better reach and engage tourist audiences. They’re being hosted by the Wallonia-Brussels Foundation, in Brussels and take place this November.

The workshops have the following themes:

  • 17 Nov 2014 – Art Nouveau collections
  • 19 Nov 2014 – Battle of Waterloo-related collections
  • 20 Nov 2014 – First World War collections

These workshops will explore how each of these themed digitised collections can be utilised to reach out to tourism audiences. Tourist audiences represent a key audience segment for museums in Europe and are increasingly looking for new ways to engage with cultural content, especially online. Content from digital collections represent a vital, yet under-used asset for museums to respond to these changing tourist audience needs. Each of these themes have been identified as key opportunities to explore tourism demand for digitised collections.

The workshops are free and are ideally for directors, curators and other relevant (collection-related) managerial staff of European museums that have collections relating to the prescribed themes. If you represent an alternative collection holder/hold a different position but are interested in attending, you are welcome too.

Please also note that although we have asked attendees to cover any costs incurred relating to their attendance at the workshop, we can in certain circumstances cover these expenses for collection holders if they prove to be a barrier for attending the workshop.

For more information about each workshop, including details of how to book your spot, please click on the links below (we have also included the Eventbrite links for each workshop where you can book directly).

Art Nouveau themed workshop -  Eventbrite page

Battle of Waterloo themed workshop  - Eventbrite page

First World War themed workshop  - Eventbrite page

If you have any questions please contact Sejul Malde at Culture24 on

Guest blog by Gregory Markus, Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision

Image by xkcd, CC BY-NC

‘Who are you wearing? Who are you wearing?’. This is a common phrase yelled at celebrities during red carpet events, be it the Academy Awards, Grammys, etc. But, no one is asking these people what open source tools they’re using. Rightly so, they probably aren’t using any, or perhaps they unknowingly are. For example, Spotify was built using a dozen open source tools

We want to ask the experts who develop, use, expand, and improve these tools to talk about who they’re using.

We at EuropeanaTECH think it is time to give developers in the digital cultural heritage sector the spotlight; to share their favorite open sources tools to use, open source applications that they have developed and look forward to, and to talk about what they would like to see developed in the future.

In our new series for Europeana Labs, a different developer will be asked these 4 questions:

1. What open source tools are you currently working with?
2. What open source tools have you used in the past to develop larger applications?
3. What are you currently developing?
4. What would you like to see developed?

If you’re looking for more open source tools, be sure to check out our #FLOSS Directory

If you would like to be featured, please e-mail:

Here’s the must-know information for some of the forthcoming Europeana partner and cultural heritage key events. Interested? Follow the links to find out more or to register.

Image: Rybinsk State Architectural, Historical and Art Museum Preserve, Public Domain

  • EUscreenXL project international conference on user engagement It takes place on October 30-31st at the Casa del Cinema in Rome. Registration for the event is still open and free of charge. Places will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information and registration for the conference please visit
  • APARSEN Webinar: A common vision for digital preservation The webinar will be held on 14 October, 15:00 Central European Time via web-meeting and is scheduled to last 2 hours. Participation is free. Nor registration required. Click here to join (at the given time).  Details about the speakers and subjects here.
  • Launch of the APARSEN Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Digital Preservation After almost four years, APARSEN is slowly coming to an end. They are launching the APARSEN-Centre of Excellence in Digital Preservation on 22-23 October in Brussels. Registration is open at:
  • 4th EBN TechCamp EBN’s 4th TechCamp will take place in Munich, Germany, in partnership with EU|BIC gate - Garching on 26-27 November. Register here

A couple of weeks ago, before the 2nd eCreative Challenges event in Barcelona, we had the chance to gather the different partners at Fabra i Coats, a big space where Platoniq has its city headquarters. We held an intense workshop in order to brainstorm and be inspired about sustainable business models for Europeana Labs.

Co-facilitated between Platoniq and Kennisland, the sessions began with strategic presentations from Europeana about the current development of the project, followed by recommendations and insights from partners like Aalto Media Lab. Later, stakeholders’ perspective on labs were discussed, including web development company, consultancy for financing the creative industries peacefulfish and a new social incubator in Barcelona, Impact Hub.

The second part of the workshop was dedicated to breaking-out into thematic groups. Each focussed on how to improve Europeana Labs’ value proposition to communities and developers, lab environments and incubators or investors. In the groups, participants discussed and identified several areas of improvement and exploration using the business model canvas approach, followed by a final sharing of results.

After reporting back for each group and deciding on key recommendations for Europeana Labs´ future development, results are now being processed.  Some will soon be incorporated in order to take further steps in the development of Europeana Labs as a better service and tool for creatives.  In this way, it will contribute to the way they can invigorate economy and common resources with innovative ideas and new businesses.

Pictures by Platoniq, under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

Heritage in Motion Awards 2014 - Bologna, City of Water and its producer Studio Base2

Open for application from 1 October 2014
Submit your innovative and new multimedia projects (films, websites, apps, games, experiences) promoting, exploring and/or safeguarding Europe’s cultural heritage. Are you a producer, director or representing a museum, company, public body, or organisation and do you want to show your successful projects in the field of cultural heritage to the rest of Europe? Submit your project for the Heritage in Motion Awards 2015!

Apply now
Direct link to sign-up:
or go to

The deadline for applications is 1 December 2014.

The Heritage in Motions Awards 2015 will be held in Brescia, Italy on 8-9 May 2015 during the annual conference of the European Museum Academy.

About the Heritage in Motion Awards:Modern media technology plays a vital role in making cultural heritage accessible to European citizens. The Heritage in Motion Awards celebrate the best in innovative European projects. The Heritage in Motion Awards are a joint initiative of Europa Nostra and the European Museum Academy. They are empowered by Europeana.

The European Museum Academy is a non-profit foundation representing museums at the European level. The EMA has members in more than 30 countries.

Europa Nostra, the Voice of Cultural Heritage, represents a rapidly growing citizen’s movement for the safeguarding of Europe’s cultural and natural heritage. Its extensive European network covers almost 50 countries in Europe.

Europeanais the central network for the cultural heritage sector in Europe and directly connects thousands of cultural institutions with European citizens.

For more information please contact:
Project Leader:
Alexandra Roessingh
+31 6 43063863 /  

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