Why have you developed Europeana API services?

Because we want to make Europeana's content  available to as many people as possible, both on the Europeana portal and  outside of it. The Europeana API means that partners' collections can be made accessible to users in new and innovative ways. Using the API,  we hope that others will develop new applications and services that we haven't thought of, or can't do ourselves!

Where can I apply for an Europeana API

Register for your API key now. You can have as many keys as you need.

If you have any questions or feedback about the API, please join Europeana API Forum. If you experience problems with the registrations, contact us directly by mailing api@europeana.eu

Who can apply for a Europeana API Key?

Anyone can apply for an API Key. Europeana makes its datasets of over 25 million cultural objects available under the Creative Commons CC0 Public Domain Dedication. The metadata can be used for any purpose without any restrictions.

Where can I get more technical support?

Can I send you my ideas (and questions?) on the API services?

Sure! Mail us at api@europeana.eu, join the Europeana API Forum or contact us via Twitter or LinkedIn.

Contact Us

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