Funding and Sponsorship

The Europeana Foundation receives funding from the European Commission, with matching funds supplied by Member States and Non-Member States to carry out its activities.

The Ministry funding has allowed to develop from a prototype to an operational service allowing for:

  • participation in projects (matching funds)
  • marketing of the site and the work of the Foundation
  • the development of policy such as the Public Domain Charter and Mark
  • staff recruitment, development and retention
  • the development of the Europeana Network itself
  • the legal and accountable basis of the Foundation
  • developing the Europeana Foundation as a governing body
  • the launch of the Europeana Network to support and give a democratic voice to the Foundation

The committed and received funding from 21 countries has meant that Europeana has fully covered both project-matching and operating costs through to the end of 2012. However for the year 2013, Europeana needs to raise additional funds of € 426,000.

By funding Europeana, Ministries are reaping the following benefits:

  • underpinning the knowledge economy, as well as inspiring and enabling new business opportunities and new markets
  • showcasing  national heritage content in (an international) context
  • making a valuable investment in the future of the creative industries
  • creating a resource for a range of services and new learning environments which can be built through single investments
  • reinforcing the relevance of the cultural institutions to future generations
  • promoting cultural tourism
  • keeping digitised cultural assets in the public domain and enabling use and re-use of public domain material

By sponsoring Europeana, you can market your organisation to a wide range of audiences such as decision-makers in business, government entities, and, of course, customers. This is particularly beneficial for companies that trade internationally because sponsorship transcends cultural and language barriers.

If you are interested in learning more about how to contribute funds and sponsorships to Europeana, please contact our fundraiser Annette Friberg.

Contact me for sponsorship enquiries

Annette Friberg