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WP1 Project Management
The main objective is to ensure the effective overall management of the project and administration and financial planning. This requires a control of the quality of contributions throughout the duration of the project, and appropriate timing of activities. Rules for the quality control of all project activities will be defined and adopted.
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WP2 Network Activities
The main objective is to organize three international public conferences per year to illustrate to all interested actors the guidelines and the recommendations produced by the EUscreen best practices network. To organize nine open workshops throughout the project, this would encourage all the subjects involved to contribute to the network activities. To coordinate the activities and disseminate the results of the four Working Groups made up of EUscreen network members.
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WP3 Information and Access
The main objective is to develop a coherent content selection and contextualisation policy. 2) To investigate, define, map and agree a common metadata schema. 3) To oversee the effective implementation of the content selection policy and the metadata schema. 4) To review and evaluate the consistency and efficacy of the content selection policy and the metadata. 5)To support programme content, metadata and cataloguing information by the development of an e-journal dedicated to the study and analysis of European television.
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WP4 Semantic Access and Integration
The aim of this Work package is to provide the technical platform to accomplish the EUscreen objectives. EUscreen will build on top of the Video Active technical platform and additionally, will use existing tools created in past and ongoing projects in order to enrich its functionality. The aim is to exploit the recent advancements of Semantic Web technologies for representation, storage, querying and the exchange of EUscreen metadata .
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WP5 Use Case Development
This work package will address the question, when, for what purpose and who is likely to use THE EUscreen service, and what is the easiest way for him/her to reach this purpose. The objectives of this work package are: • To define user groups • To provide use cases and user scenarios that make EUscreen attractive for specific user groups
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WP6 Validation of Applications
There are three main objectives: 1) To examine and evaluate the different user scenarios that will be developed in the EUscreen project 2) To look at the extent to which user scenarios meet the requirements setup by the project such as the integration within Europeana 3) To perform a system-oriented evaluation
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WP7 Awareness and Dissemination
Overall, the aim is to promote the results within EUscreen target communities and bodies. More specifically this work package will: 1) Define and maintain an exploitation strategy; 2) Recruit new members to join the EUscreen community Proactive collaboration with related projects and networks 3) Create consistent access to EUscreen results and carry out dissemination activities according to the dissemination plan
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