Europeana Local Description of Work

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WP1 Project management and co-ordination
1) Co-ordinate the work of EDLocal and monitor progress in order to maintain focus on successful delivery of the expected result and ensure effective operation of the Best Practice Network (BPN) as an organism and the delivery of all results to a high level of quality 3) Supervise the project’s management and decision-making procedures 4) Manage the contract and assure compliance with the Commission’s reporting requirements
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WP2 Metadata survey and content analysis
Establish the state of the art and planning on key issues relevant to the provision of content by EDLocal within the emerging infrastructure for Europeana, including cross-domain item level metadata, terminologies, repositories, relevant thematic content and collection descriptions.
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WP3 Content harvesting and aggregation
1) Establish and host a central metadata harvesting, storage and maintenance environment for EDLocal digital content for the duration of the project 2) Ensure that one or more stable OAI-PMH compliant repository or harvestable equivalent aggregating the local/regional content is installed and usable in each EDLocal partner country and plays a role in the development of national strategies for content delivery.
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WP4 Implementing Europeana standards and tools
1)Ensure a process is created whereby EDLocal participants benefit from infrastructure, standards, formalisms and tools emerging from Europeana 2) Ensure that EDLocal metadata is available for harvesting by Europeana 3) Provide taxonomies, thesauri and other subject vocabulary sets in use across the EDLocal content provider partners. 4) Ensure that the highly distributed and variously skilled and experienced EDLocal partners across every Member State have adequate training, tools and technical support.
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WP5 Dissemination and awareness raising
1) Disseminate news of the achievements of EDLocal in adding local/regional content to Europeana. 2) Create positive conditions and a persuasive demonstration for any local/regional digital content provider in Europe. 3)Maximise synergies with all relevant projects, activities and networks taking place within the framework of Europeana.
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WP6 Evaluation and progress monitoring
1) Monitor and evaluate the amount, types and quality of metadata and content which are being contributed by EDLocal partners to Europeana 2) Analyse the extent to which the addition of local/regional content is contributing to the richness of content and value of services being delivered by Europeana. 3) Assess whether the impact of the work necessary and the way it is carried out during EDLocal constitutes a valid and achievable basis for the long-term growth and sustainability of content in Europeana.
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