Europeana Connect Description of Work

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WP1 Creating the Europeana Semantic Layer
WP1 will build the Semantic Layer for Europeana and will lay the basis for semantic operations in Europeana. The purpose of WP1 is to provide the necessary semantic resources as well as the means and workflows to establish links between object surrogates and such semantic resources.
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WP2 Multilingual Access to Content
This work package will implement solutions to cope with multilingual access issues for users and objects alike within Europeana.In order to provide multilingual access capabilities for Europeana, this WP will develop a multilingual infrastructure and tools.
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WP3 User Driven Development and new access channels
This work package addresses user driven objectives by two different but related sets of activities: it will provide the methodology for monitoring and evaluating all user interactions within the Europeana portal and value added services; it will implement and evaluate novel access channels for Europeana. The objective of developing user-relevant functionalities will be met through a number of parallel actions.
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WP4 Europeana Licensing Framework
The objective of this work package is to develop the Europeana Licensing Framework. It will define a core set of interoperable licences that cover rights information for content in Europeana and accessible from Europeana.
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WP5 Enabling and Integrating Services for Europeana
This work package has two primary objectives. 1) It will provide four key components for Europeana that will extend and strengthen the technical capabilities of the portal. They will solve key issues related to content harvesting and interoperability. 2) To integrate three independent value-added services with the Europeana portal. A final task will be dedicated to cross-project technical dissemination and coordination.
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WP6 Audio Aggregation
This work package will be responsible for harvesting audio and related data from content owning archives. It will establish best practice routines for these activities and will lay the foundation for all future music audio integration into Europeana. Five audio archives are participating – their activities will include provision of content, supervision of thematic criteria for collection of content, and participation in all areas of activity which future audio archives may be involved as contributors.
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WP7 Dissemination and Concertation
Work Package Objectives: 1) Create consistent and high quality access to EuropeanaConnect’s own results and related developments for project partners and an external professional audience through its website and dissemination service. 2) Work in concertation with Europeana v1.0 by participation in Europeana v1.0’s “Europeana Cluster Comms Group”.
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WP8 Project Management
The work package will ensure the technical and legal compliance of the consortium in its contract with the Commission. It manages the overall finances of the project and ensure that the consortium is effectively managed and coordinated internally in order to optimise its performance, meet its objectives and produce its agreed deliverables.
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