Public reports and other documents created by the Europeana V2.0 project

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Deliverables - Period 1
Final Deliverables for Europeana v2 for the first reporting period, from 1 October 2011 until 30 June 2012
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Deliverables - Period 2 0 5
Ev2 Month 32 Deliverables 0 1
Subfolders: Europeana v2 Review meeting Period 1, Ev2 kick-off meeting
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WP1 User Development
This work package, led by Anne Marie van Gerwen (EF), increases the usage of the
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WP2 Content and Partner development
This work package, led by Annette Friberg (EF), continues to develop the network of content providers and aggregators.
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WP3 Policy Strategy and Service
This work package, led by Harry Verwayen (EF) provides strategic direction for Europeana by investigating new market and product opportunities, developing strategic plans, policies and strategies, and creating a knowledge sharing environment for Europeana’s network of partners.

Subfolders: Business Plan 2013 workshop reflections, Milestones
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WP4 Corporate Communications
This work package, led by Jon Purday (BL), establishes the brand among stakeholders through knowledge-sharing events and activities targeted at the Europeana group of projects and beyond.
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WP5 Operations
This work package, led by Annelies van Nispen (EF), will carry out the planning, management and implementation of work related to the development and delivery of the Europeana data repository and the maintenance of the Europeana data model.
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WP6 Technology
This work package, led by Jan Molendijk (EF), is to maintain optimum technical performance for Europeana by maintaining the hosting environments for Europeana, managing the in house and external partner development teams including testing and acceptance procedures and managing prototyping and releases of software and functionality in Europeana.
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WP7 Innovation
This work package, led by Max Kaiser (ONB), is to continue to develop the Research and Development Community that has built up around Europeana.

Subfolders: Plenary_2012_presentations
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WP8 Management and Finance
This work package, led by Nicole Emmenegger (EF), acts as a programme management for Europeana Foundation whilst ensuring that Ev2 meets all of its targets and deliverables.
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