Europeana Inside Project Partners

The EUROPEANA INSIDE Consortium has been designed to deliver a combination of technical expertise, rich digital content and experience in the management and dissemination of European projects. The Consortium combines four types of partner:

  • Content Providers, including some of Europe's leading cultural institutions not yet represented within Europeana, with Collections spanning a wide range of subject areas and material types.
  • Aggregators, including national and thematic aggregators with experience of extracting structured content from a wide range of heterogeneous data sources.
  • Technical Partners, including Collections Management System vendors and SME with specific experience in the development of tools for interoperability and data exchange, representing an installed user base of tens of thousands of cultural heritage professionals in thousands of museums, archives and libraries in Europe.
  • Project Management Partners with specific experience in the successful planning, delivery and financial management of large-scale EU-funded projects.

This Consortium offers the optimal combination of skills, technical knowledge, content and experience to ensure a successful outcome for this Work Programme.

Consortium members include:

Associated Partners: