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At the EUscreenXL conference in Rome , between inspiring talks and innovative projects, people also participated in a workshop on Contextualization, which focused specifically on the question how
What is European food and drink cultural heritage all about? When we think about food and drink, we imagine traditional regional delicacies, inimitable wines and beers, secret ingredients,
We are once again looking for designers, artists, developers, start-ups and other entrepreneurs to re-use Europe’s digitised cultural heritage from Europeana in innovative and creative ways! 
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Europeana Creative: Creative Re-use of Europe's Cultural Heritage

Europeana Creative is a European project which enables and promotes greater re-use of cultural heritage resources by creative industries. Europeana Creative sets the stage for fascinating collaborations between content-providing cultural heritage institutions and creative industries stakeholders in the education, tourism, social networks and design sectors. Follow the development of our inspiring pilot applications and our open innovation challenge events.

Or get involved – find out how to provide content or how to use cultural heritage resources for your innovative applications.

Take a look at the project leaflet here.

The final Europeana Creative Challenge on Design is now OPEN!

Europeana Creative is pleased to announce its final challenge encouraging YOU to design and submit products & applications that reuse Europeana content in the theme of Design.

We welcome a wide range of works for the Challenge, and appreciate contemporary and creative approaches to the digital cultural heritage materials. For example, including but not limited to results of digital fabrication, media art, design objects, web/mobile applications and services.

To read more about the Design challenge click here and to submit your application please go to http://ecreativedesign2015.istart.org/

Don't miss this opportunity to explore and experiment with with cultural heritage content available in Europeana for your design needs!

And the 2nd Challenge Winners are...Timepatch and Buitenplaats Mobiel!

This past Tuesday, on 23 September  the finalists of the Europeana Creative 2nd Challenges were invited to the innovative Mobile World Centre in Barcelona to pitch their concepts and ideas at the Apps&Cultura Demo Party. This time the winners are from Estonia and The Netherlands, and include everything from fun games to play with your family outdoors to geo tagging, augmented reality and re-photography!

Timepatch, Estonia

Timepatch (currently using brand in Estonian -- Ajapaik) is a crowdsourcing application for organizing historic view photographs geographically or otherwise and collecting rephotographs. The crowdsourced data is socially validated and for bigger engagement the process itself is gamified. "We want to become the most efficient tool for harvesting location metadata for historic photographs from public and private collections", says Vahur Puik, leader of the project.

Buitenplaats Mobiel, The Netherlands

Buitenplaats Mobiel is a hybrid, location based game which can be played either with a smartphone or a tablet. It has two important parts: a digital online platform and location-based ‘mini-games'. The used location-based technology is BEACON. The inspiration comes from the region Kennemerland, where there are a lot of buitenplaats - a summer residence for rich townspeople in the Netherlands. During the Dutch Golden Age of the 17th century the region Kennemerland became very popular among people from Amsterdam and so the buitenplaatsen in this area have shared history, but also have their own unique stories to tell. By playing the game families can explore, experience and discover these beautiful heritage sites and their intriguing life stories. In the words of Jennemie Stoelhorst, Leader of the project, "these sites are unlocked in a contemporary and interactive way using modern technology". Lost heritage (both tangible and intangible) is visualized again.

Europeana Creative congratulates the winners and is looking forward to the future collaboration!

And don't worry if you missed this chance! We will soon open our final Challenge in the category of Design!

Stay tuned for more news and follow us @eCreativeEU.