Public reports and other documents created by the EFG1914 project
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D1.3 Final digitization progress report to the Commission 1,169.3k
D5.1 Report on type and quantity of non-film material digitised 147.9k
D6.2 Documentation of schema-mapping and metadata exchange interfaces 1,376.6k
EFG 1914 Logo 8.0k
EFG1914 D1.2 Digitisation_progress_report_to_the_Commission.pdf
This report gives an overview of the amount and type of film digitised in the first EFG1914 project year.
EFG1914 D3.1 Tenders for transfer of film to digital master.pdf
This deliverable contains general recommendations and sample descriptive texts for archives issueing a request for tender for digitisation.
EFG1914 D7.1 Concept_Technical_Specifications_EFG1914_VE.pdf
Concept and technical specifications for EFG1914 Virtual Exhibition.
EFG1914 Press_release_kick-off.pdf
The official announcement of the EFG1914 project start.
EFG1914 Standard_Project_Presentation.ppt
This presentation contains an overview of the main goals and aspects of the EFG1914 project.
EFG1914 Thesaurus_WWI.xls
This thesaurus is used by the EFG1914 project to apply a common set of terms to films digitised in the project focusing on the First World War. This document contains a sub-set of the Library of Congress Subject Headings and allows the archives to carry out a basic indexing of their WWI-related films. A similar sub-set of the LCSHs is used by "Europeana Collections 1914-19148" so that all WWI content aggregated by the two projects to be easily found on
EFG1914_D2.1_Specification_processes_and_digital_formats.pdf 1,228.5k
EFG1914_D6.1_Metadata_Schema_Extensions_Documentation.pdf 534.5k
This deliverable outlines the EFG1914 dissemination strategy and the tools in use.
This report describes the goals and results of EFG1914's first project year (February 2012-February 2013). EFG1914 is a film digitisation project focusing on films from the period of the First World War.
The EFG1914 fact sheet gives an overview of the main goals of the project.
Information sheet on 3 World War One related projects around Europeana.pdf
This fact sheet provides a short overview of the three WWI projects EuropeanaCollections 1914-1918, Europeana1914-1918 and EFG1914.
Showing 16 results.