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WP1 User needs and service requirements
A main goal of the project is to provide for a platform as much in line with users’ needs and expectations as possible.
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WP2 Technical interoperability and access
The “Technical interoperability” group will make available concrete technological solutions for implementing the European Film Gateway, hence for: aggregating and federating content from an arbitrary number of heterogeneous European audiovisual archives, maintaining the resulting uniform European Film Gateway Information Space, and offering user-customized access interfaces to dynamically populate and search such content space.
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WP3 Content enrichment and semantic interoperability
The main goal of the content enrichment work package will be to actually make digitised resources searchable and retrievable.
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WP4 Service implementation and operation web platform
A web platform comparable to for European national libraries does not yet exist for European film institutions. A major goal will be to establish such a platform which will be the most publicly visible result of the EFG project.
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WP5 IPR management and administration
For sustained growth of (especially moving image) content available through the EFG portal, efficient rights clearance procedures as well as consultation of and co-operation with rights owners and their associations will be of crucial importance.
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WP6 Dissemination and networking
Objectives: 1) Create consistent and high quality access to EFG project’s own results and related developments through its website and dissemination service. 2) Use the consensus achieved through other EFG work packages on issues such as technical interoperability and rights clearance procedures 3) Develop good understanding and solid mutual support between ACE members, the EFG consortium and the EDLnet network and EDL Foundation.
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WP7 Legal and organisational governance Sustainability planning
In order to provide for the project’s sustainability also after the period of eContentplus-funding, a legal organisational framework has to be worked out, agreed upon and implemented.
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WP8 Project Management
Led by DIF. Ensure the technical and legal compliance of the consortium in its contract with the Commission; manage overall the finances of the project; ensure that the consortium is effectively managed and coordinated internally in order to optimise its performance, meet its objectives and produce its agreed deliverables; assure overall the quality of the work of the consortium and the fitness for purpose of its deliverables.
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