DCA - Digitising Contemporary Art

Finished project

‘Digitising Contemporary Art' (DCA) was a 30-month digitisation project for contemporary art, i.e. art made after 1945 - a kind of cultural heritage still largely missing from Europeana, which is a single access point for European culture.  

DCA created a digital body of high-quality reproductions of 26,921 artworks - paintings, photographs, sculptures, installations, videos and 1,857 contextual documents, which are accessible and retrievable through Europeana; not only through the use of metadata and thumbnails, but also direct links to large-sized reproductions of each item. DCA ensured that the rights to all available digital content will be cleared. The content provided, including masterpieces from key artists of most European countries, fill a gap in Europeana‘s content supply.

The main issues addressed within the project are the choice of specifications for digitisation and metadata, so that they are inter-operational, and finding the appropriate aggregation solution for each institution. The exchange with Europeana is the main outcome of the project. DCA‘s digitisation process also contributed to the preservation of the artworks.  

The DCA project intended to enhance the online visibility of contemporary art as an essential expression and an invaluable part of European culture, and to stimulate the interest of the general public by introducing a stronger presence of contemporary art to the Europeana portal.

Project website


Project contact

PACKED vzw - Centre of Expertise in Digital Heritage

Rony Vissers – Director

Barbara Dierickx – Collaborator

Christine Sauter – Collaborator