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D1.1 - Requirements Report
The “Requirements report” documents the results of Task 1.1 “Collect metadata formats and relational backend structures” and Task 1.2 “Collect requirements”. It povides WP2 and WP3 with precise information about metadata and APIs currently available for accessing digitised objects contributed by each content provider.
D1.2 Final Integration Report
This “Final Integration Report” is the second of two deliverables of WP1 “Content”. It documents the results of Task 1.3 “Testing the User Interface for Creating Mapping, Interlinking Heuristics and for Configuring the Workflow”, Task 1.4 “Setup a test scenario for the prototype platform” and Task 1.5 “Organise the final content integration”.
D2.1 - Initial Version of the Interoperability Infrastructure
Work package 2 will provide the interoperability infrastructure for translating content from its current source formats into the Europeana Data Model (EDM). The work will build on existing tools, adjust them to the DM2E requirements and chain them into a scalable translation workflow. This deliverable on the “Initial Version of the Interoperability Infrastructure” reports on the results achieved by WP2 of DM2E during the first six months of the project and describes the next steps which will be carried out during the upcoming months.
D2.2 Intermediate Version of the Interoperability Infrastructure
This deliverable presents the current intermediate state of the interoperability infrastructure being developed in WP2. It is a continuation of deliverable D2.1 (“Initial Version of the Interoperability Infrastructure”). The intermediate version is used to transform and ingest metadata provided by WP1 and to publish the data as Linked Data to be consumed by WP3 (see D3.2 “Prototyping Platform Implemented”). Based on the experiences gained from the data ingestions and in cooperation with the development of the scholarly environment in WP3, the interoperability infrastructure will further be developed to its final version.
D2.3 Final Version of the Interoperability Infrastructure
The final version of the Interoperability Infrastructure consists of the DM2E model describing the digitised manuscripts, a workflow ontology describing the transformation of the metadata, as well as the metadata provenance, a workflow execution engine with a graphical user interface (OmNom), the MINT mapping tool to support the graphical generation of mappings, a Silk-based contextualisation service for the generation of links, a Linked Data API that exposes the generated RDF data to the tools developed in WP3, an OAI-PMH service to provide the transformed data as EDM data to Europeana, and finally a search-and-browse interface as main access point for the users. In this deliverable, we give description and status overview of all components of the infrastructure, as well as its documentation and deployment.
D3.1 - Initial Specification Report
WP3 is working and the development of an augmentation and collaboration prototypal environment (Pundit). This deliverable of WP3, “Initial Specification Report” presents the results of the requirements gathering process of functional and non-functional requirements for the development of the experimental content enrichment platform. This deliverable is aimed at participating partners as a resource and guideline for carrying out further work in DM2E.
D3.2 Prototyping Platform Implemented
This deliverable presents the current state of the prototype platform (Pundit) being developed in WP3 of DM2E. It also provides links to online demonstrations of the software components and documentation.
D3.3 E-Learning Courses published
In this deliverable we first provide the context by presenting an overview of the main components of the platform, documented in the previous Deliverable 3.2, we then present a set of learning materials that we are publishing on the Wiki of the project. The learning materials are targeted both at scholars, showing possible use of the tools, and at developers, illustrating how the platform can be extended by means of practical demonstrative applications. All materials have a working online demo associated with it.
D4.3 Documentation Package
Deliverable 4.3, the Documentation Package, aims to supply the full range of communities developed supported and catalysed by work package 4 with the necessary information to make use of the tools and work flows developed during the project. It also aims to enable other content providers, developers and metadata evangelists to learn from the experience and shared consensus of the DM2E project and the wider Best Practice Network.
D4.4 Dissemination and Engagement Plan 827.7k
D4.5 - Digital Humanities Advisory Board Convention 45.3k
DM2E Description of Work 2,267.2k
DM2E Factsheet 51.0k
DM2E flyer
Promotional flyer for the DM2E project
DM2E Model V 1.1 Specification
The following specification document describes the DM2E model in its operational version (DM2E v1.1). It is the current specialisation of the Europeana Data Model (EDM) made by the Digitised Manuscripts to Europeana project (DM2E).
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