BHL-Europe Description of Work

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WP1 Project Coordination and management
There are three main objectives: 1) Ensure adherence of the consortium to the rules, regulations, and financial guidelines of the eContentplus programme 2) Implement the project as set out in the work plan; ensure exchange of information and communication between partners; guarantee timely deliverables. 3) Ensure verifiable progress of the project and be committed to high quality output that has tangible impact on eContentplus programme objectives.
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WP2 Analysis of domain content and management of the content acquisition process
1)Establish bibliographic database systems, metadata repositories and Web-based content management systems. 2)Ensure that all relevant biodiversity literature is listed to be scanned following a priority list; ensure that all content providers agree on the technical architecture of the project; ensure effective scanning in all content providing institutions; ensure linkage to EUROPEANA; ensure extension of the content providing network.
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WP3 Technological implementation
Management and coordination of technological development and associated standards to allow for a pan-European, distributed and multilingual BHL-Europe. The technological implementation will concentrate on the innovative application of proven technologies to deliver stable and sustainable solutions.
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WP4 Intellectual Property Rights
Management and coordination of the intellectual property rights (IPR) framework for BHL-Europe and agreements with Rights Holders. Ensure that BHL-Europe, EUROPEANA, and the BHL are using common approaches and common agreements, so that data can be exchanged between these partners without further Rights activity.
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WP5 Dissemination Exploitation and Evaluation
1) Develop dissemination strategy; raise awareness, understanding and action of the project in EU member states; ensure effective dissemination of project goals and results to the target users 2) Ensure dissemination of project results at conferences, public events and among the networks of the consortium members 3) Ensure implementation of project results in other projects, initiatives, institutions, and countries
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