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WP1 Project Management Monitoring and Evaluation
The objectives of this WP are to promote activities and exchange information and data, produce a work plan and keep it up to date, manage and facilitate the discussion among the Steering Committee, monitor and evaluate the progress of the project with respect to the defined objectives.
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WP2 Awareness and Dissemination
The objective of this WP is to make European museums and other cultural institutions aware of the benefits of making available their digital contents through Europeana, identify new Best Practices, and disseminating to a larger audience the results achieved.
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WP3 Identifying Standards and Developing Recommendations
The main objective of WP3 will be to review the different standards in use by Museums, facilitate their mapping to a common metadata standard and assess the requirements for the persistent identification of digital objects and collections. WP3 will also produce tools to support the convention of Museums data into the common harvesting format for Europeana.
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WP4 Integration of Existing Data Structure into the EDL
WP4 intends to develop and broaden the integration of various resources used by museums and other heritage domains in the multilingual EDL, and in particular to focus on terminologies and semantic tools. It will work on the thesauri and multilingual issues, taking into account results of the Multimatch project and work done by Europeana. It will be also responsible for aligning the thesauri in use by Museums and to publish them in SKOS-based thesaurus.
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WP5 Coordination of Contents
This WP intends to keep under control the digital content contributed by the participating cultural institutions and to realise the full potential of the different content for their effective inclusion into Europeana.The WP deliverables are aimed at ensuring the presence of the core European cultural heritage in digital format in Europeana.
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WP6 Analysis of IPR Issues and Definition of Possible Solutions
The WP intends to verify if any legal constraints existing in the national legislations of EU Member States, might create difficulties in making available the digital contents present in European museums through Europeana, and propose solutions rapidly applicable.
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WP7 Development of Plug-Ins to be Integrated within the European Digital Library
The objective of this WP is to exploit and integrate existing tools and technologies in order to create a plug-in, aiming to support the access to digital contents of European museums through Europeana. The plug-in will mainly focuses on semantic interoperability, taking into account all the technical issues which need to be addressed by the tools created by ATHENA.
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