ASSETS’ work has been divided into three Streams:

  • Stream 1: Management and Networking
  • Stream 2: Foundation
  • Stream 3: Content and Users

STREAM 1 - Management and Networking

Aims at assuring all the necessary activities for:

  • coordinating all administrative and financial tasks;
  • disseminating information on the project and its progress, building a community for networking activities and drawing the business plan that will ensure the future sustainability of the ASSETS outcomes.

STREAM 2 - Foundation for the design and implementation of ASSETS platform and services.

The activities within this stream are aimed at:

  • Making sure that the provided services are interoperable with Europeana;
  • Allowing metadata normalization, cleaning and mapping;
  • Improving multimedia content retrieval;
  • Preparing ground for digital preservation;
  • Deploying all services both on ASSETS platform as well as in the framework of Europeana;
  • Improving the user experience through browsing and visual interfaces.

STREAM 3 - Content and Users

Assures that:

  • Adequate content is made available for testing the new services and environment (apart from the existing Europeana content);
  • A continuous evaluation of the services and platform by real users is guaranteed;
  • Community building services are adequately integrated to involve real users in the content lifecycle.

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Project coordinator

Silvia Boi