ASSETS - Advanced Service Search and Enhancing Technological Solutions

Finished project

ASSETS was a 2-year project that aimed to improve the usability of Europeana by developing, implementing and deploying software services focused on search, browsing and interfaces. All software services created by ASSETS are available as Open Source code.

These software services include:

  • Searching multimedia objects based on metadata and content similarity
  • Ranking algorithms for improved result display
  • Browsing multimedia objects for rapid navigation through semantic cross-links
  • Interfaces especially designed for interacting with multimedia objects
  • Planning long-term access to digital information
  • Ingestion of metadata requiring normalisation, cleaning, knowledge extraction and mapping to a common structure

ASSETS involve targeted user groups in the development of requirements for its services as well as the analysis, design, implementation, testing and evaluation. The work of ASSETS is synchronised with Europeana v1.0 and EuropeanaConnect activities. ASSETS made its first services available to Europeana in 2011.

Project website

Project coordinator

Silvia Boi