Technical requirements

Whether you provide data to Europeana directly as a data provider or indirectly via an aggregator, certain basic technical requirements must be fulfilled.

Ideally your metadata will conform to the Europeana Data Model (EDM), which incorporates all previous Dublin Core based Europeana Semantic Elements (ESE), as it allows for more complex expression of metadata. We currently still accept data in ESE, which will be converted into EDM. We will also accept original metadata and convert it to EDM, when the appropriate vocabularies are supplied.

Persistent identifiers:
In order for the end user to have a stable and consistent link for an object in your collection, the record needs to have a persistent identifier.
Europeana uses links supplied in your submitted metadata to create a connection to the digital object on your website, but in order for this to remain constant a persistent URL: a web location that never changes, must be provided. If the link is changed all external bookmarks, blogpost and cached thumbnails will be broken and will not create any traffic to your site.

The Protocol for Metadata Harvesting is our preferred method of capturing your metadata; therefore you will need to have OAI-PMH implemented in your system. As an alternative, you can place your metadata on an FTP server from which we can manage it.

Technical support

Dimitra Atsidis
+31 70 3140993

Cecile Devarenne
+31 70 31401993

Chiara Latronico
+31 70 3140993

Marie-Claire Dangerfield
+31 70 31401993

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