Audiovisual Media in Europeana

Europeana Network
Expected timeframe: 1 May 2016 to:   28 February 2017

Chaired by:

The task force will formulate recommendations regarding ’audiovisual content in Europeana’ in three specific areas:

1. Improving the use improving search on time-based media (including an assessment of audiovisual media standards in relation to EDM), Multimedia hyperlinking (incl. definition of a pilot / exhibition), Crowdsourcing

2. Accessibility Support of subtitles and multilinguality emerging media formats (playout on mobile devices)

3. Editorial How to embed audiovisual content in Europeana Collections and other Europeana-related sites reusing AV materials assessment of multimedia content (topics) editorial use of AV content externally (length, edit)

Please find attached the Final report of the Audiovisual Task Force, the final recommendations from June 2017.​