EDM Case studies

Read how EDM has been implemented, specialised and re-used in the different domains represented in Europeana.

  • MIMO and EDM

    This case study will show you how to attach several digital representations to one CHO, how to link to your resources to external LOD vocabularies and other mappings specificities.

  • Europeana Libraries and EDM for libraries

    This case study looks at how the Europeana Libraries project has specialised EDM for library materials. 

  • Europeana LOD pilot

    The Europeana LOD pilot illustrates how EDM can be suitable for publishing linked data. It developped the lessons learnt on porting legacy (ESE) metadata into EDM. 

  • Mapping EAD to EDM

    This case study investigates how archival data using EAD can be mapped and converted in EDM through the experiments done in the EuropeanaConnect and APEnet project. 

  • The Polymath Virtual Library and EDM

    The Polymath Virtual Library has represented the semantic relationships between authors and their works have been described using EDM, in addition to other schemas

  • Carare and EDM

    This case study details the mappings decisions the CARARE project had to take when converting data in EDM. It develops more specific aspects such as the creation of identifiers for resources, the representation of archaeological objects and the cultural objects related to them, the representation of places entities...

  • Linking History and EDM

    The Linking History site has been created for use as a research tool by students participating in the History in place project. The data in the project have been modelled using EDM.  

  • EDM in the learning context

    This case study looks at two initiatives that have found EDM a useful resource in teaching professionals and students about metadata and linked open data. 

  • Europeana enriches its data with the AAT

    This case study will explain you how data providers can help Europeana enriching its data with the Art and Architecture Thesaurus.

  • Data and Multilinguality

    Learn in this case study how to provide multilingual data in EDM.