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Douglas McCarthy

Douglas McCarthy

Collections Manager, Art & Photography
Distribution & Engagement
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Over the past fifteen years, Douglas has worked in national museums, private art collections and picture libraries in a variety of roles, including photo studio manager, digital curator, archivist, picture researcher and registrar. The binding elements in Douglas's career are a passion for visual culture and a keen intellectual curiosity.

Since joining Europeana in early 2016, Douglas has established Europeana Art as an engaging collaborative platform for Europe's art collections and audiences everywhere. Douglas oversaw the recent launch of Europeana Photography, the latest thematic collection, which he manages in partnership with Photoconsortium.

Speaking at

  • 13 — 17
    00:00 — 00:00

    Hackathon for Art History and Information Science

    80798 München, Duitsland

    A five days International and interdisciplinary Hackathon for Art History and Information Science.

    Cultural data analysis and visualization are important methods and research fields both for art historians and information scientists.

    Thus, the goal of this Spring School is to bring art historians and information scientists together to work on data. Art history is on the brink of new research methods. Qualitative research is being augmented with digital methods.

    While the traditional approach of art history is to compare single artworks and place them in the historic context of the history of art (close viewing), the computer can process and compare whole databases with millions of images which allows new insights into collections and oeuvres (distant viewing).

  • 20 — 21
    16:30 — 16:45

    Sharing is Caring Hamburg 2017

    Sharing is Caring is spreading to other countries and the first edition outside Denmark will be held in Hamburg, Germany on 20/21 April 2017 at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg and at the University of Hamburg, Institute for Cultural Anthropology. As digitization has become a major task for the cultural heritage sector, more and more cultural institutions are providing access to their digitized collections. But sharing is not only about creating online access, it is about sharing the authority to interpret the digitized assets and to create value by opening them up for reuse.

  • 20
    00:00 — 00:00

    Europeana Photography launch

    Lungarno Galileo Galilei, Italy

    On May 20th it’s “Open, Sesame!” at Pisa’s Museo della Grafica. Precisely on the European Night of Museums, PHOTOCONSORTIUM and Europeana will launch Europeana Photography: an online platform that celebrates early photography by showcasing some of the finest historical collections around.

    Online exhibitions, themed galleries, blogposts and readymade queries will guide you through this treasure trove. But you’re more than welcome to go off and explore on your own, using our state-of-the-art search and filter tools! Image by image, story by story, you’ll get immersed in today’s remnants of a world long gone.

  • 6
    00:00 — 00:00

    Museums in the Digital Sphere

    80333 München, Germany

    Perspectives for the 21st Century - Opportunities and Challenges

    The conference ‘Museums in the Digital Sphere: Opportunities and Challenges’ on 6 October 2017 at the Pinakothek der Moderne will provide an opportunity to analyse the needs and wishes of museum visitors in the 21st century and in this context open up topics such as digital collections, transparency, and open access to public discussion.

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