Impact Assessment Task Force

Europeana Network
Expected timeframe: 1 January 2017 to:   31 August 2017

Chaired by:

It is considered of vital importance to better express the value of what we do, in a way that is unambiguous to the partners and stakeholders of our organisation. As a follow up of the development of the (conceptual) Europeana Impact Framework ( , Europeana is now working on the development of a practical toolkit for impact design, assessment and narration.

We have tested this methodology on the Europeana 1914-1918 project with some promising results ( Our aim for the TF is to support the development of this toolkit and critique and validate its results so that it becomes a tool that is not only useful for Europeana, but that can be widely used by all the members of the network in their own impact planning and assessment.

*Note: we are also reaching out internationally (DPLA, Trove, …) to see if we can develop this into an international standard. The work of this TF will be made available to that international group.