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1 January 2011 to: 31 December 2012

Europeana Libraries brought the digital collections of 19 of Europe's leading research libraries to Europeana and The European Library.

The content includes:

  • 1,200 film and video clips
  • 850,000 images
  • 4.3 million texts (books, journal articles, theses, letters)

Europeana Libraries created a valuable resource for scholars and built a robust network of national, university and research libraries, supported by Europe's major research library organisations.


  • 5 Million Objects: Digitised books, films and images are freely available online. Subjects range from Oriental manuscripts to Spanish civil war photographs and represent a wide geographical spread that covers the length and breadth of Europe.
  • Full-text Indexing: This is the first cultural digitisation project that incorporates full-text indexing and searching capabilities. This creates the potential for in-depth academic study of all texts brought together by Europeana Libraries.
  • Representation: Europeana Libraries provided research libraries with a platform to promote their collections to the widest possible audience. It lays the foundation on which a critical mass of research resources can be based.
  • Aggregation: This project unites content from several libraries and creates a single channel for contributing library content to Europeana and The European Library. The model is efficient, cost-effective and capable of being extended to research libraries across Europe.
  • High Quality Metadata: The quality and structure of library metadata will be improved. This will make online searching more accurate and user-friendly. New features such as timelines and maps will also be supported.

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