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1 March 2013 to: 31 August 2015

AthenaPlus is a CIP best practice network composed by 40 partners from 21 Member States. AthenaPlus builds on the successful experience developed by the previous ATHENA project – where LIDO and MINT, the Ingestion Server and Mapping Tool, widely used ac

AthenaPlus is in a strategic position to address this challenge, due to:

  • its high institutional value (hundreds of European institutions are involved or associated with the project);
  • the large amount of content made available to Europeana;
  • the powerful services for institutions to be created by the project;

The principal objectives of the AthenaPlus project are to:

  • contribute more than 3.6 millions metadata records to Europeana, focusing mainly on museums content;
  • improve search, retrieval and re-use of Europeana's content, bettering multilingual terminology management, SKOS export and publication tool/API for Content Providers;
  • experiment with enriched metadata their re-use adapted for users with different needs (tourists, schools, scholars) by means of tools that support the development of virtual exhibitions, tourist and didactic applications.